After Hours – Friday Fictioneers


After Hours

Couples drunk with love hear the music as they wander cobblestone corridors, not knowing what they will encounter. The music draws them there, into a courtyard of glittering lights, some chairs, and a strumming guitar duo. The guitarists practice to their own rhythm, unbeknownst to the crowd that gathers and dances. The warm sounds of the vibrating strings swell and float in the air, as more families and friends converge, and strangers meet, a gentle smile resting on their faces.

The duo smile at each other. The older plucks a few notes, and they join together. The night has just begun.



Thanks to Rochelle Wisoff-Fields as always, and to Bjorn Rudberg for the beautiful photo.

I’m caught up this weekend in many activities, so I may not be able to read stories until Sunday evening. But, I promise I’ll get there.

This photo put me in the mood for romance. I hope I captured that in my story. Thanks for reading. Why not give it a try yourself.

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Genre: General (100 words)

Copyright – Björn Rudberg

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65 Comments on “After Hours – Friday Fictioneers

  1. The guitar duo seem happy that their music is helping bring people together. I wonder how many romances they have seen blossom over the years?

    • Oh, that’s a nice thought. I wonder. That would be gratifying to know that your music helped love blossom. Thank you!

  2. Hi amy
    You’ve created a lovely atmosphere with this little tale. Makes me want to pack my bags and head somewhere warm and vibrant :)

    • Ooh, I like that. Thanks, Rochelle! I’m glad it makes you want to dance a slow dance. I haven’t done that in years!

  3. The intro I wrote this week fits well with your story too. This piece has a warm, happy feel. The romance came through. Well done, Amy.

    • Oh, how nice to hear Bjorn. That must have been a wonderful experience. Thanks for sharing your beautiful photo with us!

    • Mark, I didn’t mean to bring back the past. Oh no! I’m sorry to hear that. I always wished I could play guitar or any musical instrument for that matter! I’ve always liked the piano. I’ve never dated a guitar player, if that helps. :)

    • I suppose that could be arranged…and then suddenly, out of the manhole a green slimy goop emerges, locking everyone by their ankles. Madness ensues and everyone is swallowed up into the sewer. There! Do you feel better now, Perry?

  4. You have captured the mood very well Amy, the promise of a lovely summer evening…

  5. Beautiful story Amy. Isn’t it wonderful how music can gather people. No fancy advertisements needed with the soft sounds of a guitar duo filling the air.

    • Oh, I love you comment that no fancy advertisements are needed. People come when beautiful music fills the air. That is all that is needed! Thanks, Melanie.

  6. That was such beautiful imagery, I could almost hear the slow chatter rising, the glasses clinking, the laughter escalating. I want to be there now ;)

  7. Amy, you’ve created an inviting atmosphere and a place that would draw people in, then allow them to relax and enjoy. I think FF should meet there soon.


  8. Sigh. Reminds me of New Orleans, wandering drunk along the strips, listening to music, parking ourselves wherever we wanted, the heat gone for a few hours, lights everywhere. Music everywhere. Well done Amy – as I htink people have said, you made atmosphere.

    • Aww, I’m so happy I created something that made you revisit a pleasant memory. I’ve never been to New Orleans. It’s on my list. It sounds fun! Thanks, Trent.

  9. Amy, this was a lovely dream kind of story. It would be great to be walking and come across musicians practicing like that. :) Good description that took us to the scene.


    • I would enjoy running into this scene, too. I bet it’s out there somewhere. Thanks, Susan! :) (I’ve been calling you Patricia. Sorry about that.)

  10. Yikes! I agree with no blood or murder, but can’t she at least slap him? Only joking, but a soft dreamy night…I say he’s cheating on her… well written – very.

  11. It took me a while, but I finally got to your story, Amy. I love the atmosphere you’ve created here. It reminds me a bit of Spain.

    • This is what I imagine Spain to be like! Oh, how nice. Thanks for coming back to read my story. That’s so sweet of you.

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