About The Bumble Files

The Bumble Files was the name of my first blog, and has now been incorporated into this blog, Amy Reese Writes.

The Bumble Files is my attempt to uncover life’s many oddities, quirks, snags, surprises, mishaps, and yes…missteps, both physical and mental. It is me, soul-searching and marveling at the many mysteries of life, in my search for answers and for the truth.

I simply write them as they surface in my life. Join me in my discoveries.

119 Comments on “About The Bumble Files

  1. Loved the Friday Fictioneer you wrote…and your header is fascinating, not to speak of this intro. Nice to have met you!

    • I appreciate that so much. I never know how it’s going to turn out with the FF prompt. I’m glad you enjoyed it. I’m in the header picture! This was taken when I danced with this Dance Theater group a few years ago. This was an improvisational piece where we did slow motion movement along the wall for a complete hour! It put you in a different reality almost. It’s a pleasure to meet you, too. I hope to see you back here soon. – Amy

      • Hope to come back soon too! Know what you mean by the FF prompt, same here. Thanks for sharing your dance experience…I can imagine that moving in slow motion for a hour would create that effect…one of the forms of zen meditation is to walk slowly in a particular fashion, I’ve never tried it myself, but it’s said to be very useful as an alternative to zazen (just sitting) which I also don’t do! ;-)

  2. Hi Amy! It’s a pleasure to meet you on this same path to self-discovery. It’s been two years since I switched jobs but I still feel that more changes are coming. Each fork on the road that we take searching for answers will only lead to more questions. I hope you bumble onward excitedly! May light, love, and peace fill your void of Truth.

    • Oh, I so appreciate you stopping by Eena! I’m still bumbling onward and searching for answers. I guess that’s my destiny in life. There’s never a dull moment, believe me. It’s a pleasure to meet you, too. I wish you success in the continued changes in your life, in self-discovery and in your job path.

  3. I saw on your gravatar profile that you are working on a novel and some short stories. Welcome to the world of the storyteller. Just keep at it and never give up. Follow your stories wherever they take you. You will never regret the journey. And never ever let anyone disuade you from that journey. It will enrich your life in ways you will never regret. Just keep writing and try to write daily. You only learn to write by writing and reading great writers. Good luck.

    • Don, thanks for stopping by. I appreciate your support and encouragement. I’m going to keep at it. It definitely takes discipline like anything else. I know if I set my mind to it, I can write a book. I can do it. Thanks for your advice. I agree writing daily is the best practice. After all, that book isn’t going to write itself.

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      • I do vaguely recall. I know you sound familiar and your blog looks familiar. But honestly, I’ve burned through a lifetime of brain cells by this point, and have trouble just getting dressed in the morning. At any rate, nice to meet you again. Someone told me I should come visit. I’ve already forgotten who. Sigh. I think I need more sleep or something.

      • Oh dear! Excuses, excuses. I met you over at Le Clown’s. I think I was being much too cheery. I vaguely remember telling you that Le Clown would go on to post more than once a week…and to fuck off. You wanted to hear it I recall. Is it coming back to you?

      • Geez dude, you are asking a lot. But yeah, I think I remember such a conversation. I hope I wasn’t too impolite, I’m not one for blogging etiquette or the like. I imagine someone has a book of etiquette like this somewhere… they can suck it.

        Figures it would have been on Le Clown’s site. That man is a king. For the record, I love cheery people. They make me happy.

      • Cool. You seem largely sane and somewhat amusing. I might just follow/stalk you. And I don’t really follow anyone. So make it worth my while!

      • Oh, I strive to amuse, Trent. I’m so honored that you’ve followed me. I understand…I rarely follow anyone now. I ask you, how many people can you follow? I won’t be back backing away from this challenge. I already follow you by the way. I don’t think I’ve subscribed via email. I’ll check that out. That’s how I usually read my posts.

      • Oh cool, didn’t know that. How many people can you follow? Not many. I knock people off now to follow others who I think are interesting (such as yourself). I keep the crowd small so that I can actually participate and engage and show up more than once a year or something.

        Looking forward to reading your stuff.

      • By the way, this Friday Fictioneer thing on your blog… what’s it all about? I think I get the intent. Did you invent it? I troll around looking for fiction writers, to tell the truth, I appreciate different voices in prose, and this has that character to it.

      • Friday Fictioneers is wonderful. No, I did not start it. I am just a participant. Rochelle Wisoff-Fields is our host. She puts up a photo every Wednesday and you have until the following Tuesday (basically before the next prompt is put up) to come up with a 100 word story based on the prompt. It’s a talented group of writers. I think you’d like it. Here’s the link: http://rochellewisofffields.wordpress.com/friday-fictioneers-2/

        I usually do it every week, but this week my dad has been in the hospital, so I haven’t yet. Give it a go! I think it has really helped my writing and I get a lot of good ideas by doing it.

      • Wow, cool, you have taught me something. 100 words… I’m pretty wordy. Staying under 1000 is usually challenging for me. I might just have to try it, though. Thanks for the intro to Rochelle, I’ll have to mosey on over there and check it out.

      • Yes, do it! THAT is the challenge. 100 words (more or less) to tell a story is tricky. Sometimes, mine is more of a scene, but I aim for a story. Good luck! I hope to see you out there. Once you publish your story, you can link it to her site and other writers will find you there.

    • Thanks! So nice to meet you. I can’t help but think of the Queen song when I read your name. I hope you don’t mind. I’ve seen you around. I’m so glad we have crossed roads…ha ha. You can call me Amy.

      • That’s where I stole the name from! And you must’ve been hanging out in some dive bars if you’ve seen me. . .or the strip club! Lol. Pleasure to meet you!

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