Top-shelf Bumble: Do you have what it takes?

First of all, I think it’s absolutely, positively, really okay if you bumble once in a while.  Especially if you’re not caught.  Actually, I really don’t think I’m a bumble at all. How can I be a bumble for crying out loud? I am a classically trained dancer and I’ve been doing that forever, never mind the years. Ok, I’m in mid-forties now. And, I don’t care what people say about the forties being the new twenties. My body has a whole new set of aches and pains. Truth?

But back to my bumbling. Unless you count this one time…I just may qualify for bumble status. Once, I may have fallen on stage in the middle of a performance.  Oh, my goodness.  How could I, right?  I do recall an incident where I was performing that Four Little Swans dance from Swan Lake. You know the one. Where the little swans must be perfectly synchronized, all heads and feets working together in complete unison.

Well, maybe it was a piece of tape on the floor, a gale-force wind, or a lapse of consciousness, or…could it be…a glitch in the matrix? That must have been it because one instant I was down and then, poof, I was up, right on cue, right in time, with the correct head position, and on the right foot. I recovered brilliantly. In fact, I would qualify it as a top-shelf bumble manuever. Here’s a little a video, so you can see preciously what I’m talking about. Here it is:

Pas de Quatre les Petites Cygnus

Oh, were you expecting someone to fall?  No, no….I’m not in this one. Sadly, I don’t own a copy of the performance that I was in, although I do believe it was video taped (remember when?). I’m showing it to you so you can marvel at this choreography. I can assure you this is the Four Little Swan version danced across the land. Never a lot of tweaking on this. No need, it’s just so perfect. These dancers are a well-oiled machine, like a moving train, and quite lovely. A fall would be, what? Obvious? A disaster?! But, voila, few people saw my fall. At least that’s what they told me. But yes, admit it. It might be slightly hilarious if someone fell.

In case you are wondering, I bumbled early on in the third diagonal pass or something. That gave me the rest of the variation to be in shock, running on complete adrenaline. I find it fascinating that the body can completely take over. That, and my fear that I probably disappointed the other little swans.

In hindsight, I think it was fear that I tripped on. Some little voice that said I won’t be able to make it through. But I did with a wondrous fall that I recovered from in flying colors. Certainly, there must be something said for that! My theory. It’s all in the recovery.

What about you?  Can you top my top-shelf bumble?

Take it away.

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