Blog Reflection #1

I will admit that I wasn’t sure exactly what I would be writing about in a personal blog. The more I write, the more this seems to be true. That’s fine with me though. I call that the creative process, sometimes painful, albeit always enlightening.

Anyway, I thought about changing my “About” page, and then I thought since a couple of bloggers liked it as is, it wouldn’t be really honest or fair to change it on them. And, hey, big thanks to those who like me! Thank you, thank you. I feel reassured.

On thinking about the “About,” I thought it might make more sense to reflect on it here it my new section, “Blog Reflection.”  And, hence, the #1, as I may be reflecting at some point in the future.  I feel the “About” is a bit daunting. What it is about me is fluid, always changing, learning and growing. And, as far as the writing goes, well, some days I may have a different view, have a new way to say it, a better way to say it, want to explore a brand new topic that’s maybe not indicated in my “About” page. Fluid, as I said.

This “Reflection” idea came from an earlier experience I had when I was student teaching. At the end of each day in the classroom, we were to reflect on our day’s experience and write, well, a reflection. It could be about how you thought the day went, what you might improve, what went well, what went horrible, you get the idea. I was seven months pregnant at the time  and usually was exhausted. I played along and tried to seriously reflect, but really all I wanted to say was, “I’m tired today. These kids don’t like me. They’re mean. I thought third graders were supposed to be sweet and nice. And, give me a math book for crying out loud. How can I teach without a math book?”

So, see I rambled and diverted from my subject, which I think is perfectly allowed in a personal blog. I can do whatever I want here, right? So, now, you have the backstory on my reflection idea. I may reflect to really communicate to you, my precious followers, or just to ramble. It’s good to do that, too. You know, bumble around.

So, back to my blog, not because it is so important. Actually, I’m delighted and amazed at all the wonderful blogs I’ve stumbled upon in the last few weeks. I wonder why I put forth any effort at all. Others do it so well, are so funny, and remarkably poised. Still, it feels wonderful to “publish,” even if it may be only a presentable published draft. It feels great to publish a piece that you put some thought into. As I have been a stay-at-home mom for almost nine years now, with a few part-time jobs here and there, it feels great to rub two brain cells together again. Not that raising two delightful boys doesn’t take normal brain functioning, that’s not it. Stay-at-home moms know preciously what I’m talking about. I know I don’t even need to explain this, do I?

As far as my published posts go thus far, this will be Post #10. Yes! I’ve dabbled a bit in fiction as that is where the wind has taken me. I’m writing about aliens, something I never thought I would do. I will admit it’s a freeing sort of feeling to explore and stretch my creative muscle when I’m not so desperately attached to the subject. I see it more as exploring the human condition. In any case, if you would like to read my fiction, look under the “Aliens” heading. In the near future, I will organize this better. In the meantime, these fictional posts may seem like loosely random pieces of writing. But, I promise you, they are held together by a mysterious force!

Coming up next….I have no idea. I plan to continue my dabbling and hope that whatever I write, it provides some meaning and pleasure to your day. Until next time.

The Bumble Files

11 thoughts on “Blog Reflection #1

  1. It’s the same with me. I never know what ideas I’m going to write about, so when I find an idea, I quickly write it down so I won’t forget it! 🙂


  2. I bumble through my posts as well. Sometimes they’re about my kids or hubby. Sometimes they’re about something I’ve discovered about myself. Sometimes they’re about life in general or writing or looking for peace. I never know who I will find when it’s time to write. Honestly, though, for me it’s always been about the act of writing. Good or bad. Happy or sad. All of it. It’s the process that matters. The material? Well…that’s often a bit sketchy.


    1. Thanks for the insight. I love all your zen comments! I agree it’s good to write just for writing’s sake. I get a lot of satisfaction from following through and completing a post, no matter what the material is. Good point.


  3. I’ve had similar thoughts about changing past posts. I only change things if I really cringe when re-reading them, but I try not to change the meaning or flavor of the post. It may not be what I would write today, but it’s out there and that is the point of a blog. I’ve updated things in my About and removed them, but I think pages can be treated differently than posts… just my feeling about it. Good luck with your blog. (BTW, you should put a link to your blog on your Gravatar. The Gravatar site is a little clunky to update, but if someone views your Gravatar profile it will help them find your blog.)


    1. Hi, Eric. Yes, I agree about leaving things be. Once it’s out there, that’s what it is! I imagine the thinking page probably changes for people from time to time. I didn’t know that about the link on the Gravatar. I will definitely look into that. Thanks for your input!


  4. Dear Amy,
    I read many of your posts to better understand the way your thoughts. I will comment as I promised.

    1. You said: “I call that the creative process, sometimes painful, albeit always enlightening”. Yes, it’s the same as saying that right is right and wrong is wrong. sometimes painful and bitter.

    2. You said: “What it is about me is fluid, always changing, learning and growing”. You are right. We live like water, growing, and looking for places, situations and conditions that are suitable for developing ourselves. As a drop of water from a spring, forming into rivers and oceans, which are beneficial to humans, animals and plants. You will meet people who have the same idea with you ….

    3. You said: “This “Reflection” idea came from an earlier experience I had when I was student teaching. It’s hard to be a student teaching”. I ever thought, teaching aims to: 1. In order for their brains smarter. 2. In order for their bodies healthy. 3 In order for their pockets full of money. In terms of ethics, if they are smart will be easy to learn. If they are physically healthy, the soul will also be healthy. If they are rich, it’s easier resolve the issue alive. I think that the three pillars of education and the tasks to be carried out by teachers and the government for the welfare of its citizens.

    4. You said: “……and hope that whatever I write, it provides some meaning and pleasure to your day”. Right, your post gives meaning and pleasure.

    5. Thank you for sharing Amy ….. And encouraged me to make a comment …… 🙂


    1. Hilal,
      Thank you for taking the time to write all these wonderful comments. I believe you’ve written me a whole post! I especially enjoyed what you said about how we are like water from a spring, forming into rivers and oceans.
      Yes, I was a student teacher, meaning I was in training to be a professional teacher. I got the idea of reflecting from this experience and this is how I started writing “Blog Reflections.” This is simply why I named it this way. As a student teacher, we were required to provide these reflections on a daily basis. I agree what you say that if you are physically healthy, you soul will be healthy.
      Hilal, I am happy that you enjoyed the post and it gave you meaning.
      Thank you for all your wonderful comments. Feel free to comment anytime. Your English is phenomenal. – Amy


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