Embrace Technology

The flip phone, so slick, so smooth. It could fit in your pocket.
Remember the flip phone? I know there are a few of us left with such device. My sister had a good laugh about it during her last visit.

“What is that? A flip phone? Is that a phone from the eighties?” Ha ha.

July is the month I’m getting my new, twenty-first century phone so I can be part of civilization. I’m probably one of the few remaining on the planet who has a non-smart phone. My phone is not very smart because all it’s good for is phone calls and, you know, texting. Of course, it’s the kind of texting where you must touch the individual keys several times to get the correct letter or symbol. Remember when?

Specifically, a “?” is 5 touches on the keypad to get the right symbol,  a “!” 6 touches, and the “:-)” delightful happy face that, you know, punctuates everything just so perfectly, is 14 key punches. I can do the happy face quickly now. I have that one down. It requires me to go to an alternate screen, and tab over, select…you get the idea.  My finger pads are calloused up quite nicely.

It’s painful at times. Here’s a sample of a text conversation with a friend who has a smart-ish phone.


FRIEND: Hi. How are you? Sorry, I’ve been so busy. Do you still want to get together tomorrow? About what time?

ME: Hi. I’m good. How are u?

FRIEND: How about 4:00? What can I bring? I could bring a watermelon or some kind of side dish. A casserole? Mac n’ cheese? A fruit salad?

Well, she could bring a watermelon. I don’t have that. But I’m not going to type that out. I could say H2Omelon, but then I have to get the “123” format, and then go back to the “abc….”

ME: What about 3 ish? Waterm

FRIEND: I know you like my mac n’ cheese. Do you want to go the concert? I think it starts about 5? Or did you wanna BBQ?!!!

What concert?

ME: Bbq sounds good!

FRIEND: If we go to the concert we won’t have a lot time to BBQ. We could meet earlier?

ME: Yes

FRIEND: Or, we could just eat out or pick something up for the concert. We could have a picnic. Jim would like to join us. Do you remember him?

The guy who avoided her for three months? Not that creep. Going out or picnic? I think I’d rather BBQ. What concert is she talking about?! Concert in the park? It’s 102 outside.

ME: Jim from online? No. Park concert?

FRIEND: Jim needs to bring his dog if he comes with us. Yeah, that guy. We had a really good talk. Is that ok? Then we can’t go out.

To the Park? To restaurant? Pick something up? Is it a big dog? I don’t think my kitty will approve of the dog. That guy is no good for her.

ME: Go out where? 🙂

FRIEND: Why don’t we just come over. What can I bring? 4:00 ok?

ME: Yes fine

I should call her.


I do try to keep up. 🙂

photo credit: Mike Licht, NotionsCapital.com via photopin cc

13 thoughts on “Embrace Technology

  1. I’ve had my iPhone for over three years. I would fall into a black hole without it. In fact, I read this blog on my phone and am commenting with it. Word of caution: a smart phone might just become your new best friend. If so, though, at least you won’t have to worry about who will bring the watermelon. 😉


  2. My version of a text is to knock on someone’s door. If it’s not important enough to speak face-to-face, through e-mail, or converse over the phone, then it should be left at the beep – …did I mention I don’t like phones?


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