The High-Priced Bumble and Where’s my Upgrade Already?

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July is the month I’m supposed to get my new phone, an upgrade from my current flip phone. You may recall this from my previous post.

My husband managed to take my last two upgrades for a new phone. That’s right. The last two. I’m scratching my head as I type this, wondering how this came to pass. Moments like this make my mind go a little fuzzy. He must have spiked my coffee with something or dosed me with a happy pill to get away with this one. Twice he did it.

“Sure, honey. Take it. You need the upgrade more than me.” Did I say that?

This first time he took my upgrade, he just wanted a new phone. That’s all. He didn’t need it. He had a workable, Razor flip phone.

Second time. Here’s where he really blew it. I put this is the high-priced bumble category.*

My husband decided to leave his precious iPhone, the phone he can’t possibly be a part from for more than minutes at a time, on top of the car. He drove off, and what do you know, the phone fell off the car. What does he do? He backs up and rolls right over it and smashes it to smithereens. Yes, the high-priced bumble!  Nice. Well done. Brilliant.

I was due to use my upgrade at that particular time. I was only convinced that he use mine because our grand scheme was that I would be taking his upgrade later, in just a few months. Ah, he didn’t have any phone at all. I was feeling sympathetic at the time, I guess. He gets to have another iPhone. Fine, fine, I was due soon. Right?

When his upgrade month finally comes up, we go to the AT&T and while I’m waiting, I pick out my newly upgraded smartphone.

It’s my turn to talk to the person with the computer, and he tells me, “No. It’s not possible for you to have his upgrade, because you currently do not have a data plan on your phone.”

“What do you mean, not possible? Of course, it’s possible. I’m here, the phone is here. Just check that little box on your computer and make it possible!” Don’t they know I lost my last two upgrades?

What the hell? In moments like this, the planets must not be aligned properly.  I can buy a phone and have a data plan and owe more money every month. Isn’t that what they ultimately want? Does this make any sense to anyone? I throw up my hands on this.

I’m forced to make good with my flip phone for another year. Meanwhile, my husband tells me to “embrace technology.” ( I really didn’t plan my last post to link. I swear. This is what husband tells me all the time, while he tweets away on his precious.)

Now it’s my turn for a smart-ish phone. Will this change my life? Will it become my new best friend?

Consider the perks. My text conversations will appear in a cute little bubble format? I can use WI-FI connections everywhere, plug in and tune out, no matter where I am. My son will steal my phone and play the latest video games. I can access information and place calls immediately? I can take pictures if I forget my camera and take a picture/video and send it out to my social network in a flash? I can buy apps and never use them. I’m sure there are many more that I haven’t had the privilege of learning yet.

I may never need to write anything down again. I may never need to remember another thing?  My contacts, my appointments, my calendar, everything in a glossy, slender box. Hmm. I’m not sure a gadget is ready for all that responsibility.

But do I want a smartphone? You bet. Besides, it’s part of my upgrade. How can I refuse? If I don’t, someone else will take it….

* Anything over $100.

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10 thoughts on “The High-Priced Bumble and Where’s my Upgrade Already?

  1. Haha, brilliant, just imaging the phone on the car roof and then getting run over. Or you in the shop looking for your upgrade and jabbing a finger at the computer, ‘check the box! Make it happen!’ Very funny! 🙂


  2. Okay. I have to ask: If smart phones are really so smart, why have the phones not figured out a way to make themselves cheaper? — Got’cha.

    Smart phones aren’t smart enough to keep up with me. The small screens are bad enough; a touch screen that constantly chooses what I didn’t select.. no thank you. I’ll happily stick to my computer, e-mail, and knowing that I’m not accidentally going to drop my internet access into a toilet, or run it over.


    1. I know. Can you believe that someone would run over their smart phone? I feel some kind of obligation to join the human race, or at least the 21st century, by getting a smart phone. That’s pretty silly I know. I, too, can spend all my time on my smart phone. No, I really don’t want that to happen.


      1. I’ve heard of people doing so many crazy things with that little, expensive piece of their life. It holds so much information, yet it seems like people simply take it for granted, rather than treating it like the valuable piece of technology that it is. – I’m not one to follow trends. I do my own thing.


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