Clueless much?

In wake of the Aurora shootings in Colorado, I noticed that my local gun store had their sign turner outside their business on the street corner. I imagine it’s where this employee stands every day, in her sparkly purple tank top, waving her sign with a prominent gun displayed. She cheered as cars past, again just doing her job. I don’t particularly like that this business is in my community. But really, I find this insensitive. You think with all the media, all the possible communications that are available, that they just didn’t know what happened in Colorado? Should I stop in the store to tell them?

If I see her tomorrow in her sparkly purple top waving her sign without a care in the world, I’m not sure I have a choice. What will they say? Or, maybe, they will have learned what happened and do without the sign turning for a day. Or, a couple of days. I hope so.

12 thoughts on “Clueless much?

  1. I guess they don’t see it as affecting them, although it does seem a bit tasteless. Is that kind of advertising common there? I haven’t really heard of that before, except for short-term promotions.


  2. Why blame or address the girl with the sparkly top outside the store? Address the politicians who are controlled by the NRA. Address the video game manufacturers, the movie makers, the movie ratings agencies, the gun manufacturers. Which leads us back to the politicians. Even after this tragedy the politicians need to be pushed.


      1. True. But one does wish that the politicians, the gov’t, the electorate would begin to recognize and address the problem.


  3. So… inquiring minds. Did you go in and say something to the store owners? If you didn’t I would understand, because even though I would like to think that I would say something, I likely wouldn’t. Ultimately, I suppose that the store owners have their own Constitutional justifications, and I don’t blame them. However, a little more sensitivity would have been appreciated by passersby in light of the shootings.

    On a different note, those people who stand out on the corner with the sandwich boards dancing are certainly to be admired. I couldn’t do that. I have the rhythm of an elephant… even if I’m wearing a cute sparkly purple outfit. While I would certainly get some honks and some tweet-twoos, I would probably drive business away.

    Love you, Aim.



    1. Hi Em! Good to hear from you. I didn’t go in….thought about it seriously though. I didn’t see her the following days after. Maybe they considered it. Who knows! I know for sure you would be a big hit dancing around. What are you talking about?!


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