Blog Reflection #2

It’s time for some reflecting. Readers, it’s long overdue. My last “Reflection” post was at #10 and here we are at #30. I haven’t been all together focused. Lately, I’ve been in a blog fog. I might as well be drinking beer and eating frosted flakes. I didn’t say I was I doing that. No, I’m not.

I’m just saying I’m reading so many fantastic blogs, I’m inspired on a daily basis. There are many accomplished writers with published material in my midst, many of whom I can’t read because I don’t have a Kindle. Technology continues to beckon. Now I need a Kindle, too, to join the twenty-first century. My Reader now often jams with too much information. WordPress, if you’re listening, or reading, a little help here please.

I stand by my award comments when I said, I really feel there is a great community spirit here among bloggers. I accepted a few awards in that vein, wanting to recognize others that I had been introduced to or stumbled upon. I felt warm and fuzzy when I thought, perhaps, I was the one who brought a few bloggers together. You know, the sixth degree thing. It’s strong here at WordPress.

Whatever you feel about awards, and I’m sure the opinions are all over the map on this one….I think your feelings about them are completely valid. It is your blogging experience after all. Whether you support them or not, or like them or not, it’s entirely your prerogative. And, if by chance, you didn’t “accept” one from me, I’m not offended in the slightest.

That said, I’ve asked myself a number of things about these awards. Like, who started them? WordPress? The original bloggers? What’s the difference between the Inspiring Blogger and the Very Inspiring Blogger? Is someone keeping track? Do other blog sites have these? Where’s the rule book? (You don’t really need to answer these questions for me.)

Indeed, on the days I had an award post my traffic increased substantially. More importantly, I met new bloggers I may not have otherwise met. Thanks for joining me. I hope I can make your visits worthwhile. Knowing how many great blogs there are out there, it means a lot to me that you’re here. Honest.

I did, however, realize that I don’t need an award to blog and it doesn’t change what I write or how I write. I’ll let you in on something else, too. Come a little closer. I would still blog even if I didn’t have any followers. Now, don’t go away. Wait, come back! You think I’m putting you on, I bet.

It’s true I rather like it when people come by to read what I wrote. Actually, I love it when you “like” it! I love seeing that little glowing, orange star. Is it orange on your computer, too? It’s encouraging and motivating. It makes me smile. It’s recognition. Oh, c’mon now. With my usual home audience, I’m met with grunts and shrugs and my announcement, “All electronic devices must be turned off,” so we can begin communications. So, yeah, I do like it when I have a captive audience.

Case in point, while I did receive a substantial increase in my traffic with the awards post, they weren’t my highest traffic days. My biggest traffic day was when I put out the Olympics: Pink is Your Color post. Who knew that people cared so much about pink and the Olympics. I sure as hell didn’t think they would. It caught me entirely by surprise. The thing is, most of my traffic came from outside WordPress. You know, Google and such. You never knew they were so many ways to search why the Olympics are pink. That was interesting in itself.

But what was a little strange for me was although I was getting all these hits on that page I got little feedback. I can assume I guess that many who came across the page were not WordPress bloggers. Who knew that my most visited page would be one that I didn’t spend a lot time writing. Did they even read it? Did they open it up and say, “Oh great. Another stupid blog!” Did they laugh? Did they read the whole thing? Did they like it?

I’ve read many posts lately specifically about the “like” button and what it means to people. Whether people are just littering their likes all over the blogosphere indiscriminately, for self-gain, self-recognition. Whether people really mean their “likes.”  The need to comment in addition to liking. When the like button isn’t enough. Whether we’ve become a society that is liking too much, becoming entirely too joyful. I’m sure there are many clinical studies out there now on this very thing.

Whatever you feel about this, I’m happy you’re reading this post. I hope you’ll come back. I hope I can write something that is worthy of your time, although I can only write what I write. I do hope you like it, “like” button or not.

Until next time….

The Bumble Files

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34 thoughts on “Blog Reflection #2

  1. Had to click “like” after reading that one! But I do like your blog. I must say that I don’t care for the bloggers awards. They remind me of chain letters with happy faces. I received one and answered – with the obligatory questions etc. It’s nice to be noticed, but it’s takes up a lot of time – to no one’s benefit. So keep on blogging, Bumble Files. We like it.


    1. Thanks! I’ve also likened them to chain letters. I think the intentions are good in some respects. I think they are, but like you said, they take up a lot of time. They took me away from writing and that wasn’t so good. Thanks for your support, Stephen.


  2. Just found your blog and I loved this post! Also, to answer your question, my “like” star is orange as well 🙂 And if it matters, I only “like” stuff that I actually like (or if I support the idea and want to be encouraging). Sometimes I’ll visit a blog and leave without liking…I just consider it dishonest to “like” insincerely…but I do look pretty hard for something haha.


    1. Hi, George. I’m glad you found me and you loved this post! Thank you. I think there’s no point to liking insincerely. As much as I like the “like” button, it doesn’t mean anything if it’s not genuine. See, now your like is that more meaningful to me. 🙂


  3. I feel that the “like” button just isn’t enough. Sometimes it’s just an easy way to stay in contact with all the blogs you follow. And, of course, to drive up visits on your own blog. What I really crave are comments, good or bad- though no one has yet to criticize any of my work. Mine being a photographic blog probably doesn’t elicit much comment beyond “nice capture” so it keeps evolving. The photo will elicit a memory of mine or a comment on the time or place. And having said this you’d think I would like awards. But I don’t. I hate having to choose my favorite 7 or 15 and thereby ignoring the rest. If I am following them then I like them. All for different reasons. Some make me laugh, think, discover new books or movies or places to visit. And on and on. Whew, what got me started? I’m actually a man of few words. Most of the time. Oh, ps, I like this post. Think I’ll follow you.


    1. I’m so happy you’ve stopped by. Thanks for your wonderful commenting and your compliment. I think you hit on something. If you’re following them you already like them. I agree sometimes the “like” isn’t enough. Likewise, I feel it’s ok to not comment. Some people may feel they just want to take it in. That said, I do like comments and I appreciate yours. With the comments, there is the possibility of really getting to know people. Thanks for the follow, too. 🙂


  4. “I might as well be drinking beer and eating frosted flakes.”

    That could be the most profound statement ever to have hit WordPress. At the very least, it’s the cure for writer’s block AND the leading cause of weight gain among males 18-22.

    Whatever you’re doing, keep it up. It’s working just fine.


      1. Being a typical male, I need the ego stroked, well, all the time and comments/views on a blog certainly help. But also remember that a blog also serves as a personal outlet and doesn’t always need approval from others. Again, just keep doing what you’re doing…


      2. Well, I think everyone needs their ego stroked once in awhile, whether male or female. Absolutely this blog is a personal outlet for me. I would do it, no matter. 🙂 Thanks!


  5. I know what you mean about the “like” button. On the one hand, it takes no effort, although I try not to just click “like” on everything. I then I wonder about the people who don’t click “like” on mine and wonder what they didn’t like about it. Maybe too many stats is not always a good thing 🙂


    1. I guess you could always wonder about someone not liking it. Of course, one could always comment, “I didn’t like this.” I guess that’s why you should always write you want, and in my case, write what I am able to write. And then, let the chips fall where they will 🙂


      1. Well, yeah. Ultimately you just have to be yourself and not worry too much about the readers. If wonder if WordPress had vote up and vote down like some sites, if people would use them. Just as well they don’t 🙂


      2. I suppose they could have a really intricate voting system if they wanted. I’m glad it’s pretty simple and open-ended. Hence, the ability to post comments….And, thank you for your comments. 🙂


  6. I like the reflections on your blog, who stops by and how they got here. I have a similar post in the bag waiting for my blog’s 2nd anniversary. I get most of my views from search (Google) and have no idea whether they read a single word. Understanding what they were looking for has helped my update a couple posts so they were more helpful. But it is a mystery how some posts end up with high search rankings. Best answer to that is keep writing.


    1. Hi Eric. I like your advice. Yes, best to keep writing. I ponder a bit, but don’t worry too much. Interesting how my topics always keep changing and I don’t always write about what I think I’ll write about. You could also write to optimize your search results, but that would most definitely change what I would write and not serve the purpose of my blog which is to write what I want. So, yes, keep writing.


  7. This is a great post, I like it -! As a ‘rule’, when I ‘like’ something it is exactly that ‘like’, but it has to be more than that, the post need to move something in me to write a comment!


  8. I have the same issues with the “like” on WordPress that I have with the “like” on Facebook. I get all butt-hurt when I don’t get SOME kind of response. I just have to remind myself that I would and should be writing the stuff I write whether anyone else reads it or not. It therapeutic. It’s cathartic. It’s better than sitting around watching Jerry Springer (I mean, hey, my life is way more interesting than any Jerry Springer show). Most people look back on life and think: I should write a book about my life. And essentially, I’m doing just that with my posts and ideas.

    Thank God there’s no “poke” button on WordPress. I hate that stupid feature on Facebook. Now, if there were a “bitchslap” button, I would reconsider using that annoying thing.

    Blessing and Bitchslaps, Amy.



  9. Like, like, LIKE your post Ms Bumble. Funny, I just posted a comment to samesides (above) as she was reading one of my posts. I am following you 🙂


  10. Ms. Bumble Files.
    It feels like I know how you feel about blogs, bloggers and award. You have worked very well and you are appreciated. I appreciate your results, and even, I hope you reach your golden peak. Your writing is definitely useful, especially if you intend to provide useful information for the generation after us, not only for our generation ……. I Believe in you. You are good. 🙂


  11. Oh! Two great topics: awards and likes!

    Awards: I always thank the person who gave me one, but don’t display them or write posts about them. Sort of like giving every book 5 stars on Amazon and Goodreads and rendering that whole system pointless (that’s the topic of my post this week), I feel that there are so many “awards” around the blogosphere that they don’t mean much. I agree it’s a nice way to meet new bloggers and therefore is mostly a positive thing, especially for new bloggers.

    Likes: I’m so glad to see someone discuss this! I think 99.9% bloggers would rather have a comment than a “like.” I know I would!

    Great post!


    1. Thanks for your comment, Nina. I agree the “Like” means so much more when it’s followed by a comment. I also find it interesting to see how differently people handle the awards. I think they are positive, but well, what is it about them? I look forward to reading your post. Lately, I’ve been getting “referrals” from blogs I like, usually in their own posts about bloggers they want to highlight. This has been a more meaningful way for me to meet other bloggers I like (it’s kind of the same thing as awards, but different).


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