For My Sister

While helping my dad move over the weekend, I came across a poem my oldest sister had written years ago. Her poem was so powerful and it caught me off guard. It inspired me to write a poem of my own.

Also many years ago, my little sister and I stayed with our big sister for a whole month in Santa Cruz, California during our summer vacation. I have nothing but fond memories. This one I hold close. I hope it brings a smile to her face.

For my sister Holly

Sand in our toes
Salt on our lips
While shopping for breakfast
We spy bagger Kip

Ocean-soaked skin
Glows in our gaze
We shop with conviction
He could charm me for days

He’s coming, don’t look
Hushed giggles, we trip
Our leader, so fierce, beams
It’s only Kip

Sun-tousled hair
He peeks under, a shy smile
His eyes blue I flutter
I would walk for miles

For him
He’s only dreaming
of his next big wave

His bagging halted, he’s gleaming
We’re short, we must choose
Essential or desire
Which one will we will lose?

Coffee goes without saying
Nothing needed more
Toilet paper, doughnuts
Chocolate ones, of course

What escapes her lips next
Scarlet flush, I want to hide
Our big sister quips
We’ll use old TV Guides

photo credit: Jaimito Cartero via photo pin cc

16 thoughts on “For My Sister

  1. I love this. I think I should write more poetry, although mine might end up too X rated and will pretty much always include the word “bacon” (not too many things rhyme with that, unfortunately). Amy, I love reading your blog. I told Wendy all about it this weekend. She’s happy for you and your creativity, too. When you coming up this way? I want to link.



    1. Thanks, Emily. I just sent Wendy a message. I usually don’t write poetry but I was inspired by my sis. I think I’m happy with it. It was a fun process anyway. I’m happy you enjoyed it. 🙂


  2. Very nice! Poetry has fallen so far outside of my literary habits. I used to love it–especially Pablo Neruda and a few other South American poets. Not sure when I veered. Anyway, that was sort off subject, but I felt like sharing!


    1. Thanks, Nina. I hadn’t really expected that I would be writing a poem, but that’s what I like about blogging I guess. Lots of time I do things I hadn’t planned. Thanks for sharing some of the poets you admire. I may try to write poetry more as I think it helps my other writing. We’ll see.


  3. Oh Amy….I love it. I want to go back. You captured that time, and all of us, so beautifully. I wish I could write a poem about you with that much impact. Thank you. Love you. Holly


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