Fat Kitty City: A Special Place

I visited an enchanting place today. It’s called Fat Kitty City and it’s the only cat sanctuary in all of Northern California. My family and I took our kitty Spud to the sanctuary to get neutered.

Spud looked a little worried, but I know he’s in good hands. We met Spud at the local pet store where Fat Kitty City brings cats for adoption.

Little Spud; also known as Spuds, Spuddy, Spudley, Spudinsky, Spudman or just Tater. His secret name must be Butterscotch although he would never tell.

Their sanctuary is magical, nestled in the hills, down a windy narrow lane, about two miles from the main road. Cats roam freely here inside a spacious gated property. There are about 180 cats, with approximately 25 feral cats who wander outside the gate. The feral cats, of course, know it is their home and probably would not survive anywhere else.

Ed and Cindy, a husband and wife team, live in a house adjacent to the property. Together, along with many volunteers, they care for the cats and kittens and provide medical services, food, shelter, and a place for these cats to call home. While many of the cats seemed happy and adjusted, I’m sure they would love to have a forever home. Some are permanent residents due to their physical needs and conditions. Ed and Cindy know all their cats by name, with the exception of eight of the feral cats.

A success story that’s hard to ignore

Winner, miracle cat, won my heart.

Meet Winner. He pulled at my heartstrings. A woman phoned into the sanctuary one day to report about an abused, tortured cat. Someone had poured gasoline on him. When he arrived, his ear was hanging off and bloodied, and they thought he might lose his eye. He also had bloody cuts on his back. He was in such bad shape, the sanctuary could not yet release a photo of him on their website.

I met him three weeks after the sanctuary rescued him from his ordeal. I seriously bonded with him in a matter of minutes, petting his chin, followed by his purr and a throaty, cracking meow.  He was still recovering then, with a bloody ear and scabs on his back. With a lot of TLC and medical assistance, Winner pulled through. His progress was nothing short of a miracle. I find it amazing that Winner still trusts humans at all.

I considered adopting him, although I’m not sure how he would fare living with my two young boys. He seemed a little jittery around them. But, indeed, he is a Winner.

Kitties of all kinds

Ed likes to joke that they have all kinds, both the pretty and the ugly. Yes, some have nicked ears or are missing eyes or tails. Most cats here are older, but sometimes there are kittens.

Bosco, the elder, is 97 in human years.

The oldest cat living on the property is Bosco. He is over twenty years old, although they are not entirely certain. He eats just wet food now since he has no teeth.

Ginger narrowly escaped death.

Meet Ginger who was gloriously saved. She had only 15 minutes to live before she would have been put to death. The sanctuary came to her rescue when she was nine months old. I learned that the cats at shelters around here only have about two days to land a home. They give cats with special circumstances more time. Ginger is almost two years old.

When you arrive at the sanctuary, cats greet you slowly and warmly. You pet one, and then a few more. Within a few minutes, they surround you, following you around on the grounds. I understand that when they feed them at dusk, all the sleepy ones wake up, and more than one hundred cats are at your feet. That would be something to behold. I may have to return for that. You leave feeling as though you have made a few friends.

Please visit their website at fatkittycity.org for more information.

30 thoughts on “Fat Kitty City: A Special Place

  1. Hi Ms Bumble again. “The pen is mightier than the sword”, a phrase I completely agree with in this day and age. I passed this page URL onto a friend and this is her reply. “Thanks for sending that.
    Yes you’re right Ralph…loved Fat Kitty City. Hilda x”. Now Hilda and her husband David look after 12 feral cats who roam freely in their house and garden. If one cat has a slight illness D or H drive the cat miles down a tortuous mountain to the vet and back again. Sometimes twice a week and H now hates the road but never stops caring for the wild cats. These people and many like them deserve an award. So Ms Bumble thank you for the post and the owners of Fat Kitty City for your care of cats 🙂


    1. Thank you, Ralph. Thanks for sending it to your friend. It is such a special place and deserves recognition. Also, more donations! If I could help more, I would. Hats off to your friends who are taking care of the feral cats. That’s wonderful! 🙂


      1. You’ve got me thinking, and THAT takes a lot out of me. You mentioned donations. I can’t help everyone but I am going to help my friends. Never crossed my mind until I read your comment. Thank you 🙂


      2. Oh, that warms my heart! That’s great, Ralph. It’s great to think maybe my little post made a difference in someone’s life, or a kitty’s life. Thank you. And, good for you!


      3. Just an update, Ms Bumble, my friends will accept donations from me, I’m pleased to say, as they are finding it very expensive especially the vet bills. Thanks again for the post.


  2. Thank you for sharing this. It was an excellent post. A few weeks ago I had to abandon my two kitties and my sweet hound to the local animal shelter ran by the police department. My health has rapidly declined since the beginning of the year and I have been forced to move back in with my parents. Since my mom cannot live with animals, we tried to find them homes, but was glad there was room at the shelter for them. I found that the two kitties were adopted PDQ, but dear sweet George, a 3 year old American Foxhound is having difficulty finding people to love him. It breaks my heart that he is still there and I told my dad if he’s still there at the end of this week, I’m going to go break him out of Doggy Jail and we are going to travel around like Bonny & Clydge…..but then changed that to the three stooges, which was more fitting I have to say. However, since coming down here I have attempted to recruit the local kitties that wander my mother’s streets to become my friend so I can sit and pet them. While I haven’t been successful yet, I refuse to give up. It is very therapeautic to have an animal that you can cuddle, senses when something is wrong with you and just loves you unconditionally….even if you haven’t bathes for 5 days. You can sit and rub them or just place your hand on them and that gives you comfort and sometimes the will to go on as you know that these little rascals are dependent upon you. I miss my animals. Past, present and future animals. Every single one of them has been a rescue and I would never do it any other way. Everyone deserves love. But especially those who feel like the whole world has totally forgot about them.


    1. Hi, Lori. Your comments break my heart. I’m so sorry you had to give up your animals. I hope George will have a home soon. You are in such a tough spot. I will keep my fingers crossed for him. Pets are wonderful, loving companions. I hope those kitties on your street warm up. I’m thankful this sanctuary exists for all these cats. It’s truly a wonderful place. Thanks for reading.


  3. I love animal sanctuaries and rescues as there sole purpose is to love them until they can find a home or go on to begin a new life. It is mind boggling to realize how many animals do live without partners. Without those that bring them the greatest joy—us. Your sanctuary sounds wonderful and has a success rate in getting love to others. Thanks for sharing this story. It really meant a lot to me and I just pray that people will see past George’s first appearance of dumb and gangly and realize that he has a heart of gold and would walk thru fire for his master. And if those animals don’t warm up to me, well that’s ok. Maybe their master or mistress has told them to not talk to strangers….but its not going to stop me from trying! 😀


  4. I like this posting, but then again I am rather biased being
    such a Cat lover… Pussy Cats that is 🙂 Hey I will call again
    on the morrow, catch up a little and add a few thoughts 🙂



  5. My wife is not doing very well, And we lost our home this past June. We Had to give up the 5 loves of our life, Bali, Simba, Mishi-Ti, Two Socks, and last but never least our sweet Simba. We had to move to Virginia. Our hearts are forever broken and empty without our kids. But we thank god for Fat Kitty City. Without those great caring people, I don’t beleive I’d still be here. The pain remains but we both know that our kids are loved and cared for. We thank all of you from the bottom of our hearts.


    1. Hans, the people out at Fat Kitty City are so generous and dedicated. They’re good people. It’s great you found them. I’m so happy that at least you were able to have your cats in good hands. The sanctuary is a little paradise for all those cats. They all seem happy to be there, but I hope your cats find a loving home.


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