We’ll just lock the doors

When  I picked up my son yesterday from elementary school I learned that the school had been under  a lockdown.  The police were pursuing a suspect in the neighborhood close to the school.  I believe it was a custody dispute. There was a possibility that he was armed.

The school followed protocol and everything worked liked clockwork. When the suspect was near the school grounds, the police contacted the school immediately. The teachers locked their doors and windows and closed their blinds. Lessons resumed. According to my son, a first grader, there was no discussion as the why the teacher needed to lock the door and the windows and close the blinds. Everything carried on as normal. They continued with an art project.

Meanwhile, the second grade glass was given more information.  Their teacher told her students it was as if there was hunter in the woods outside. I heard from another parent that the teachers told the  fourth graders the whole story. One of the students cried and was pretty distraught. One parent tried to pick up her child and was greeted with a sign behind the glass of the office window that read, “We are  in LockDown.”

The police apprehended the suspect within thirty minutes and he never entered the school grounds. The principal concluded the whole situation by calling the parents with a school-wide message. Everyone had done their job and the police contained the situation.

This is not the only time this school has been faced with such a situation as there is a prison in the area. It’s happened before where an inmate has escaped and been hiding in the nearby wetlands. When you hear and see a helicopter circling, an escapee is a possibility. It probably will not be the last time. I’m so thankful nothing happened and that we have procedures in place to ensure everyone’s safety.

Still, it was unsettling. It was a certainly a reminder to me that life is precious and is always hanging in the balance, possibly hinging on something that is totally out of your control.

11 thoughts on “We’ll just lock the doors

  1. TBF,
    That must have been terrifying for both you and your son. And I feel somewhat sad for the two parents involved in that custody battle.

    I haven’t had a lot of free time this week due to the blogroll contest, so I wasn’t here as much as I wanted. But as soon as the dust settles, I will find a few hours to calmly browse through your pages.


    1. Hi Eric. Yeah, this was kind of a bummer, but life goes on. I guess this is my way of processing it. I’m not surprised you haven’t had a lot of time due to your contest! It seems very involved. Certainly, whenever it is convenient browse through my pages. Oh, now I feel kind of nervous. I hope you’re not disappointed.


    1. Everything worked out, at least for the school. Like you said, sometimes things are too rough. It was unexpected for sure. I hope the parents are in a better place. On a lighter note….how’s your Le Clown contest going? I just want you to know, I put in good words for you…for what they’re worth!


  2. This is a nightmare. All these poor parents and children worrying – it must have been horrible. I feel really sorry for the children involved in the custody battle. Seriously, I wish parents would just grow up and not set such a bad example!

    Sorry. parents behaving badly really annoys me…


    1. I agree this is the worst possible way to handle a problem, although I don’t know all the details. To put others in harm’s way is irresponsible. Luckily, no one was hurt. Thanks for your comments.


  3. I can’t even imagine how scary a situation like that must feel, B.F…
    for anyone and everyone involved!
    I’m just happy to hear that everyone was okay and (very thankfully) the school sounds like it’s about as prepared as it can be for this sort of thing…


  4. It’s a terrifying story. It’s nice that at the end everyone was safe. But this kind of events create the fear in the minds of these kids. Which is not good by any means.


    1. It is sad, but as I said, it ended well with no one hurt. I hope it doesn’t happen again, but if not here, then most likely somewhere else. I wish I had more comforting things to say. Thanks for reading and stopping by.


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