Technical Difficulties

Dear Blogging Friends,

I am currently experiencing technical difficulties, a la my computer is toast. It is now in the hands of the Geek Squad. Hopefully, they will come to my rescue.

I will admit I feel completely lost without a computer. I will have limited online access to post blogs, comment, and visit your blogs. I wanted to relay this message to you so you know I am not ignoring you. Please know I am with you in spirit and that I miss you terribly.

I’m sure I will back online in no time. In the meantime, not having a computer is the equivalent of not having electricity, food, water….I’m parched. It’s quite amazing how much I have invested in a slender, rectangular box.

I bid thee adieu…until next time.

The Bumble Files

11 thoughts on “Technical Difficulties

  1. I shall miss you Ms Bumble. It must be terrifying being blogless, alone in the wilderness of reality, unable to return to the safe haven of WordPress. Take care out there. Ralph x


  2. OH, NO!
    I feel your pain, B.F!
    That is an awful, awful feeling! I’ve been there (and with the noises my ancient cpu makes at times) I fear I’ll be there again sooner than later! I hope the squad gets things fixed up as quickly – and as cheaply – as is possible!!! NOT COOL!!!


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