Boxed-In: Friday Fictioneers – 09/14/12

Good afternoon, Friday Fictioneers. My computer is still being repaired, so I have limited online access. I’m sorry if I am putting this out there kind of late. I am still in a kind of limbo. Perhaps this inspired today’s entry.

This week’s photo prompt of Madison Woods Friday Fictioneers challenge is courtesy of the talented Rochelle.

Image courtesy of Rochelle Wishoff- Fields

Boxed-In (100/100)

I awoke, wrestled from my dreams, to a light scratching at the door. A creaking and twisting of the doorknob beget a sudden jolt. Once. Twice. I heard a patter of footsteps in retreat.

Was that a child? Did I take his bed? The musty air muted my senses.

Turning on the lamp near my bedside, boxes stacked to the ceiling enclosed me in a cave. An immense spider skimmed the cardboard to her silk bed, arrested between two boxes.

Tireless pounding at the door ensued.  “I need to come in,” a voice shrieked.

The spider slipped into a box.

26 thoughts on “Boxed-In: Friday Fictioneers – 09/14/12

  1. It’s still Friday where I am, so you’re not late. The “tireless pounding on the door” and the needing to come in kept trying to make me think the narrator was in the bathroom, a place where when a parent goes there, a child immediately needs to either come in or start talking to you!! But the scenario sounds more serious and I’m wondering how the narrator got there, boxed in, and who the child was. I like your description of the spider’s home, too. But glancing at your tag of “humor” threw me. Was this a creepy dream state or a dream state from which the narrator was awakened by his/her child? If the second, it sounds as though they’d just moved in (all the boxes.) Left me hanging quite nicely. 🙂


    1. I thought I changed my tags, but I guess it didn’t take. It shouldn’t be under humor. Oops. I guess it could be confusing. This person is awakened by the child at the door, sleeping in bed. You’re right though. That’s when I usually hear pounding on the door, when I’m in the bathroom and my child, suddenly, needs me desperately. The person in this story is in a state of confusion….much like myself without a computer 🙂


  2. TBF,
    Little known fact: Rochelle Wishoff- Fields took a snapshot of my brain during the Canadian winters. Le Clown wouldn’t make a joke about this.
    Le Clown


  3. Hahaha… maybe the knocker wouldn’t be quite so enthusiastic about trying to get in if s/he knew about the current ‘wildlife situation’!
    Very nicely done, B.F… wow… the images you can paint with words… awesomeness!
    (I hope your computer feels better very soon!)


    1. The wildlife situation, right! Funny. Or, maybe that child is psycho and shouldn’t come in. I don’t know. What is she shrieking about anyway? Thanks for your kind words, SIG. You’re very encouraging.


  4. Turning on the lamp near my bedside, boxes stacked to the ceiling enclosed me in a cave.

    literally, this sentence says that boxes turned on the lamp near your bedside.


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