Meeting Place – Friday Fictioneers – 09/21/12

Happy Friday, fictioneers! This Friday Fictioneers is courtesy of Madison Woods. Thank you to Lora for supplying a most interesting photo for the prompt.

I really stumbled on this challenge. I had several ideas to write about…from being followed in the park to the statue, to listening to a old woman talking about a memory, to the statue taking flight, to a woman waiting for a lover (by the statue) who never showed. Seeing this statue in the darkness definitely had some bearing.

I really don’t know how I settled on this one. Anyway, it’s pretty skeleton. Enjoy and happy Friday. (No, I don’t know what’s in the vial. Maybe you have some ideas.)

Image courtesy of Lora Mitchell

Meeting Place (101/100)

“Did you deliver it?” Jude asked.

My hands were shaking. The delivery item pressed delicately against my hip bone in my jean pocket. I revealed the vial, admitting my failure.

Jude bolted from the table and seized my neck in a choke hold.  “Do you think this is some kind of game?”

“I didn’t see him. There was blood…smears. On the statue.”

“Maybe it was jelly,” Randy piped up.

“Shut up,” Jude snapped. “We need to go back.”

When we returned, it was dark and deserted. The statue emanated a translucent glow. There was no evidence of blood anywhere.

30 thoughts on “Meeting Place – Friday Fictioneers – 09/21/12

  1. You’re right, there are striking similaritiies between our two stories. It’s funny, because when I wrote mine, I had no idea where it came from, but I was pretty sure nobody else would write anything like it. Wrong. I guess great minds just think alike. Ha. However, your story has a grittiness and tension that distinguishes it from mine. It’s a dark glimpse into another world, and I really liked it. Ron


  2. Gripping story, B.F!
    It has a fascinating kind of… spy-thriller vibe to me! If you didn’t intend it to read that way part of that might be my own doing (I tend to subconsciously ‘007’ a lot of things, you know)!
    – The name is Guy… SpilledInkGuy


    1. Thanks, Guy….SpilledInkGuy! Thanks for you kind words. It could definitely go the spy direction. I’ve always enjoyed the spy story myself. I think 007 is coming out with a new movie this fall. Isn’t he?


  3. The vial reminds me of the glass vial my insulin came in when I was a kid. The blood? Easy, my hands are always covered in it after testing my blood sugars with a little prick to the tip of my finger. They were rushing to get some Diabetic friend his vial of insulin, he was testing his blood sugars and when he brushed off the statue he smeared some blood on it. An old lady was passing by and tutted under her breath as she wiped what she thought was ketchup from the idle hands of a bored teenager.

    Case solved. 🙂


  4. Wow, lots of questions and lots of intrigue. Who is the vial for? What was on the statue and why is it gone? I like the power dynamic that’s playing out between these characters (with Randy providing comic relief of course). Nicely done


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