Ceremony – Friday Fictioneers – 09/28/12

Good afternoon, Friday Fictioneers, courtesy of Madison Woods. Thank you to Sandra Crook for the inspirational photo for this week’s prompt. My 100 words is in the form a story.

Please check out the story link page for other posts relating to this prompt. Also, feel free to participate if you would like.

Photo courtesy of Sandra Crook

Ceremony (100/100)

A boy darted after his red ball. From a short distance he watched the ball bounce into a barren rock, collecting itself there.  An old woman sat on the rock near his ball, her eyes shut in quiet oblivion, a gentle chant flowing through her.

A girl no older than the boy scattered red petals in small, distinct pools before an arch, walking in a circular pattern.  The boy sat down at the old woman’s feet next to his ball.

He rose to leave, and the woman caught his arm and placed the ball in his palm, giving him a squeeze.

36 thoughts on “Ceremony – Friday Fictioneers – 09/28/12

    1. Thank you, Cindy. I was trying to show that he stumbled on this and that he felt drawn in, but also that he felt he should leave because he might be interrupting. In the end, it’s as much a celebration of life.


    1. Thanks. I was trying to show the boy hesitating and feeling conflicted about wanting to stay, but then feeling like he shouldn’t. In the end, the woman doesn’t mind one bit. Also, I wanted to give the sense that the ceremony was done on a regular basis, so handing him a ball isn’t a big deal. It’s just life.


  1. My grandson would be intrigued by old woman’s prayer-like chant, which is what I feel was happening here. I loved the squeeze at the end, and imagine there was a smile too.


    1. Thank you so much, SIG. You are too kind. Yes, it makes perfect sense to me. In fact, I rather think that’s a very nice compliment. I think I did have a lot of activity going on here, maybe more than I realized.


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