Back from the Great Beyond

Alas, my fellow bloggers, I have returned from the Great Beyond. I have my computer back!!! Took long enough, don’t ya think? I can now sit at my computer in the comfort of my home at any hour I please in whatever outfit I choose, and blog to my heart’s delight. I no longer need to muffle a laugh and pretend I”m coughing. The library folks were not amused. You laugh in the library at your own risk.

I would like to take this moment to thank you, friends, for stopping by my blog when I managed a few posts. Thank you for not abandoning me. I apologize if I was delinquent in responding to any comments. Blogging on a Smartphone is ridiculous! Possible, but not very much fun.

Thank you for the support as well. Please allow me to share some of your comments, because they are so poignant. I hope you don’t mind:

Life without a computer is like a flower without bees… Enough to make you numb… This made little sense. (No, Le Clown, this makes perfect sense!)

…alone in the wilderness of reality. (Ralph, I couldn’t have said it better.)

I went to the library to use their computers and found that equally scary. (Yes, Shalagh. I felt exactly the same way.)

All computers suck, but we can’t live without them…like cars, phones, tvs, deodorant, etc….(No doubt, Christopher. It was the pits!!)

I was an outcast, without deodorant, or honey….You know if you go on a trip without deodorant you can’t live without it. You break down and spend the three bucks and you buy it. Only I couldn’t…it was horrible, horrible, horrible….

So, now I am back from the Great Beyond, or is it….that I have returned to the Great Beyond. Hmm….

We know that I dislike Dell. This is putting it mildly, I’ll admit. So, I’m stuck with Dell, I hope, knock on wood, at least for a few more years. For those of you with Dell computers, my sympathies. I hope yours is treating you better. Of course, with a new hard drive, it’s like having a brand new computer. It’s like having a car with a brand new engine. Right?

Speaking of cars, I have always given them names. My little green car was Esmeralda; my white car, her name is Pearl. With proper maintenance, they have always performed reasonably well.

It got me thinking, maybe what I need to do is give my computer a name. You know, play nice to my computer. Talk gently to it, give it a few pats, stroke it once in a while.  No more yelling at it, no more cursing. Compliment it instead, “You’re so fast today. So zippy!” Maybe if it had a name it would be more sympathetic and take the time to know me.

After a family discussion, we decided, indeed, it couldn’t hurt. This is what we came up with:

1.  Daphne:  This was my suggestion because when I think of Daphne, I think of someone who is kind, sensible, hard-working, good natured, and fun. I once knew a Daphne, and while she was a little gossipy, she was fun.
2.  Adele:  My older son’s contribution. Adele is his favorite recording artist. Kind of cute, huh? Did you know that Adele is slated to sing the new Bond theme song? Yeah, I read it on the Internet.
3.  Stripe:  My six-year-old’s idea. Hey, why not? It reminds me of an animal, but our computer does have three vertical lines down the center of the monitor. Actually, this may be the most appropriate one.

And finally,
4.  Dalek:  Remember they are an extraterrestrial race from the British science fiction television series Doctor Who. This was Mr. Bumble’s idea. Now why we would want to name our computer after evil and hateful robots who want to take over the end of time is beyond me. Is this really a good idea? Will the computer start taking over, messing with our data and spit at us, destroy our lives? Will our computer have a complex, and by having a name with a negative connotation, in fact, become EVIL?

A 2010 redesign of the Daleks (in this case the Dalek Supreme). He looks fierce….

We need your help to sort this out. I think a poll is in order. Please take a minute to provide your best answer. It would mean the world to me. Thank you, thank you. My head is bowed.

photo credits: kern.justin via photopin cc; Wikipedia

36 thoughts on “Back from the Great Beyond

      1. TBF,
        Madame Weebles follows me everywhere on the blogosphere… Can’t go anywhere without bumping into her…
        Le Clown


      2. TBF,
        I came here as I was tagged – and because I like you of course. But I suspect she did the same, as she saw I was tagged – not because you are nice…
        Le Clown


      3. Le Clown,
        I hope you didn’t mind being tagged. I wanted to use your words, you see. They were that magnificent. Madame is a follower of mine, as well….Perhaps, she just likes me.


  1. Welcome back. I’m proud of you for putting up with yourself. Right now, I’m looking at the letters “D E L L”. Husband’s leftovers from 10 years ago. I regularly hook up an external hard drive to backup because I lost all my bridal shower pictures once. As to naming the beast, we’re having a hard enough time here coming up with a boys name for belly baby, sex TBD. You can have Emmett, my husband’s first choice, and mine, Colm (pronounced like calm). Because with a last name of Peach, no nouns are allowed. Good Luck to both of us.


    1. Oh, wow…yes, naming your child is a far more important business. Peach is your last name? That would be a challenge. Thank you kindly for offering them up to me. I appreciate that. Sorry you lost your photos. Best of luck to you. Colm is very unique and I like that it sounds like Calm. Very nice! What’s the origin?


      1. Although I use my own last name, Hogan, my husband’s is Peach. Second marriage, social security number changing is a bear. Our first son’s name is Eamon (pronounced Ay-men). Irish, just like Shalagh (pronounced Shay-la). Colm is Irish too and very old. And our girl’s choice? Fiona. I only hope nobody remembers Fiona Apple as she’ll be Fiona Peach. Today’ s sonogram lady may have slipped up. I think it’ll be a boy. And I so didn’t mean to imply the naming of your computer wasn’t important. Thank you for your nod to me and my blatherings.


      2. Shalagh,
        Oh, no…naming computer is silly. I’ll do it just for fun. It by no means compares to naming your child. Not in the same category. Wow, congratulations! You’re due in Feb, right? I love your choices, and being part Irish myself, think they are all excellent. Whatever you chose will be wonderful, but I know it can seem overwhelming. I named both my boys after they were born (knew they would be boys, too). Like a couple days later. Good luck with the name. – Amy


  2. I had a Dell laptop, and I hated it. The hard drive crashed three times before I gave in and bought a Sony laptop. Then the motherboard on the Sony failed. Now that I think about it, maybe the problem is *me* …


      1. According to my mother, she had a watch that she wore for years without it malfunctioning. As soon as she became pregnant with me, it stopped working. Dead. No ticking, no nothing. Then, a few days after I was born, it started working again.

        Verrrrrrry suspicious, hmm? Her theory is that I project anti-technology magnetic waves from my body, lol.


      2. This is a fascinating story, Michelle. This is why you’re so and creative….this is the link! You’ll thrive the day technology goes by the wayside. It could happen.


  3. The Bumble Files,
    I clicked “I have another idea”, then it said, “do share”. So here’s what your computer should be called: “Albert Tesla Copernicus Galileo the Third”.
    Le Clown


  4. I’m glad you got your computer back and that you’re writing. And now that you don’t have to worry about laughing out loud, let me tell you the one about the gorilla who walks into a bar, orders a scotch and soda, the bartender says that’s ten dollars. gorilla pays him pays $10……and the bartender leans over and says: Don’t see too many gorillas round here. And the gorilla says Not for ten bucks a drink you don’t…..


  5. My sister called her first car Carmine, because as she said, “it’s a Car and it’s Mine.” I really like the name Adele, but after your computer trouble, you really want to tell people you’re driving A Dell? 😉


  6. All wonderful ideas, B.F… but I had to go with ‘Dalek’.
    It seemed only fair since I’m going to have the Tom Baker era ‘Dr. Who’ theme song stuck in my head all day long now.


    1. SIG….well now that makes perfect sense! Dalek does have nice ring to it. I hear this is going to be a movie, too, or new series? I’m not sure. Maybe if I call it Dalek it will protect our computer. 😉


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