Caught – Friday Fictioneers – 10/12/12

It’s time for another installment of Friday Fictioneers, courtesy of Madison Woods. Thank you kindly to Jan Morrill for providing today’s photo for the prompt.

As always, please feel to participate. I have 100 words in the form of story. I welcome any criticism. Thank you.


Image courtesy of Jan Morrill

Caught (100/100)

The white walls caught the light, overpowering  my judgment. I surrendered and receded into the alley. My bare feet cracked with the sand and grit of the pebbles, the heat almost intolerable. Barely distinguishable from the others, I knew this alley wasn’t the right one. Its walls were too high and the blue door wasn’t there before. I felt light headed.

A few steps into the shade and I saw him, standing on the balcony watching me. Waiting for me. He knew I’d be here.

I crooked my head to see a man walking behind me. My opportunity had suddenly vanished.

48 thoughts on “Caught – Friday Fictioneers – 10/12/12

    1. Thanks, Boomie! It wasn’t what I had intended when I started. She was just going to get lost…Thanks for reading.


    1. Thanks, Angel. I try my best to stick to the limit because it does influence my choices and decisions. My character was just going to get lost in the alley that led to another and another…I think that would have taken up more 100 words 🙂 I’ve always loved these little alleys in the beach communities.


    1. Hey, Ron. Thanks for reading mine. I did leave it rather open, didn’t I? I could take it a couple of directions here. I’m not sure what I would do exactly. Thanks for your comments.


    1. Hi Lora. That would totally work. I’ll admit I’m not sure what the relationships are here. That would definitely help define it! Thank you for the read.


    1. Thanks, Changeforbetter! Since you came from Le Clown, I followed you as well. Le Clown attracts quality people. It’s good to meet you.


      1. Well thank you very much! Yes, Le Clown does seem to know where the good ones are! Glad to meet you also, and please, just call me Jackie!


  1. SI vede la mano dell’artista…ottimo racconto/i…
    PIacere di conoscere questo spazio d’Anima 🙂
    Un cordiale saluto e…a presto


      1. He says, “You can see the artist’s hand. Great story. Nice to know this place. Greets. See you soon.”

        Courtesy of 🙂


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