In the Words of a Child (July – October 2012)

I will admit my brain is a little fried and my house is a complete mess. Just today, when I thought I got the house under control, my kids had friends over and they destroyed the place. What are they thinking?

Well, here are a few thoughts of my two sons over the past couple of months. I have similar posts in the “Parenting” archives. My commentary is in italics.

H. rebel, my nine-year-old:

Stay away from my thoughts.  (Can you say teenager? I think I’m in trouble; 7/12/12)

…Daddy, the do-nothing do off.   ( I’m sorry I missed the beginning of this!; 7/15/12 )

We have a great group. No one has any anger issues. (He is referring to his seating pod arrangement at school. Apparently last year in third grade, some kids had issues;10/15/12)

Did you know that the worse your handwriting is, the smarter you are. See what happens is your mind is thinking so fast and your hands can’t keep up. (I’d say this is pretty accurate, huh? I’m finally getting some recognition; 10/15/12) 

S. darling, my six-year-old:

Your eyes can get sunburned when you look at the sun and at the computer. Did you know that?  (7/31/12)

(When asked about his first day of school)
Everyone is commanding. Teachers are commanding. All the adults in the whole world are commanding.  (8/15/12)

Everybody is being mean to me except the cats and the toys. (Poor little love!; 8/16/12 )

Carrots are good in stew, but not in real life. (9/12/12)

(This, I asked after school)
Me: What was the best part of your day?
S.: Going home.
Me: What was the second best part of you day?
S.: Going home.
(Dare I ask, what the third thing was?)


Conversation between the two of them:

My nine-year old is twirling his hair while reading a book, something he never does:

S. says: You shouldn’t twirl your hair like that. You’ll get a bald spot. That’s what happened to the little red-haired girl at school.

(As far as I know, there is no little red-haired girl. Whomever is he talking about?; 10/2/12)

35 thoughts on “In the Words of a Child (July – October 2012)

  1. LOL I love those things. I have had a few fun ones.

    One of the top favorites “Mommy, your boobies make milk right?” “yes” “then does one make regular and one make chocolate?”


      1. Beef stew was always my favourite meal from the mumsy. And their were definitely carrots… although I actually love carrots because I watched Bugs as a child. Yes, this means I also eat spinach and I’m sure you can imagine why.


  2. Hahaha… well, I’m pretty sure the red-haired girl in question isn’t me.
    Y chromosome and all.
    And as I recall my hair wasn’t, er, isn’t (yeah, ISN’T… that’s the ticket) very red, either.


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