Cooped Up – Friday Fictioneers – 10/19/12

It’s time for Friday Fictioneers, courtesy of Madison Woods. Ron Pruitt provided the photo for the prompt. Thank you, Ron. This conjured up many reminders of my travels on a bus.

Dear readers, if you would like to participate, please follow this link, write a poem or a story in 100 words (approximately), and upload your post to the site. Give it a try. It’s a lot of fun and a great writing exercise.  I have 105 words today in the form of a story.

Image courtesy of Ron Pruitt

Cooped Up (105/100)

Sweat, soap, aftershave, and a piercing, spicy floral permeated the air. I slid my way down the aisle, each step unveiling a nod, a smile, or a distant gaze.

The promise of a sixteen-hour journey influenced my choice of a traveling companion.  I sat next to an elderly lady with her head in a book, hoping I might pass the time with sleep. Directly across from me sat a man with a cage hidden under a towel. Wisps of feathers escaped onto the grimy floor.

Cluck. Cluck. He shook the cage and offered me a toothy grin. Am I the only one who’s hearing this?

47 thoughts on “Cooped Up – Friday Fictioneers – 10/19/12

  1. Reminded me of something from “Romancing the Stone.” 🙂 A long bus ride is bad enough, but this is fowl. Sorry, I couldn’t help myself and I’ll stop before I lay another egg.


  2. Took me back to an earlier time when folks in Clevelander, from all ethnic backgrounds rode the bus to the West Side Market. Women with live chickens or turkeys would sit next to a kids clutching school books. A hot, stinky,noisy, (but needed) experience.


    1. What a wild experience! Thanks for sharing. I did experience a chicken on a bus, or at least that’s what I thought it was. It was very dark, but I heard that thing clucking away. It was very strange.


      1. in one of my novels, in the very first sentence, a man gets on a bus. we later learn how broke he is andhow he sold everything he has just to get a bus ticket and some spending money to go across the country.


  3. The worst part is when someone gets hungry and opens his/her brown, paper bag and begins eating greasy chicken with his/her dirty fingernails. A great stomach churner.


  4. good one! Never shared a bus with an animal, but in Rome we rode the bus, and at one point about 25 four foot eleven inch old ladies dressed in black got on and pushed everyone out of the way, poked us with their woven reed shopping baskets. I was holding on to the overhead rail ( which they could not reach ) with a death grip to avoid being swept out of the bus in a rip tide.


    1. Wow! Bill, this sounds like a real adventure. It must have been a sight to see and to have your bus overrun by little ladies dressed in black. This would be make a most excellent bus story! Thanks for sharing.


      1. I was with my sister and my friend for a whirlwind trip of Italy and we were standing on a cramped bus, my sister ahead of us. All of a sudden the young man behind her goes “ugggghhhh” and slumps back.

        Afterwards Footer ( my friend ) and I ask her what happened, and she replied he was rubbing my bottom. We exclaimed she should have told us, and she said she didn’t want to start trouble and the elbow to the solar plexus send the message she intended.


      2. I have lots of stories, funny how goofy things always happen to me… but good things too. I must try too hard to be cool ( laughing ) and then real life happens.

        have you been to lots of countries ?


      3. No, sadly…I haven’t been to much of anywhere. I’ve traveled across the States and I’ve been to Mexico! I know that’s sad. Someday, I’d like to travel. I want to go Italy and Greece. Those are my top two for some reason.


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