NaNoWriMo Why Not?

I decided if I could come up ten reasons to do NaNoWriMo, then I decided I would be all out of excuses. So, I’m doing it!

Here are my 10 reasons:
1.  I’m not working; this is actually the most perfect time to do this.

2.  Instead of stressing about the job I DON”T have (see #1)  I might as well be writing. Duh!

3. I will feel a sense of accomplishment everyday; this is not true of the job search; then I won’t need to stress at all (see #2).

4.  There is nothing like a deadline to give you a good PUSH.

5.  I have a story floating around in my head somewhere; all I need to do is capture  it and demand an explanation.

6.  I plan to buy a new candle and light it at the beginning of all my writing sessions; I will have a ritual; I want a daily ritual; I might as well be writing as I perform this ritual (I actually stole this from someone else; isn’t it cool?).

7.  It’s only 1,666 words a day; They’re just words on a page, a rough draft; Ah, that’s nothing; Wait, I don’t like that number at all; How about 1,667? Better. Something is bound to go wrong with that other number.

8.  I’ll connect with other aspiring writers; I won’t be alone.

9.  It will be all about process and output; all junk is allowed; I’ll be in touch with my creative self.

10.  At the end of 50,000 words, I will be named a winner! Yay! I want to be a winner.

50,000 words, now that sounds like an awful lot…what if I get behind…what if my story sucks…what if….too late! I signed up.

I am a bit nervous, so wish me luck. And, if you’re doing the NaNo, please connect with me. I’d love to have some buddies. I’m “thebumblefiles,” but I’m still haven’t completed my profile, or put in my genre, my title, my synopsis, my excerpt…I guess I better get busy.

Hope to see you out there!

56 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo Why Not?

  1. I’m doing NaNo for the first time this year also. I added you as a writing buddy. 🙂 I’m JLPhillips on there. Good luck!


  2. Best of luck. I have done this a few times. My only advice is to always write at least the 1666 words a day. If possible aim for 3,000 a day which if everything is going well isn’t that tough and will allow you to slack off a little later on. If you go behind in the first week then it’s nigh on impossible to get back into it.


  3. Best of luck. I like the #10 reason a lot. We all want to be winner and we need to accept it honestly. May you win every race and every battle of life. 🙂


  4. Good luck. I know you can do it! Plus, if you do 1667 words a day, you should end up with an extra 10 words at the end ;). I’ll add you as a buddy on the Nanowrimo site. My ID is Eternal Foreigner.


  5. No. 7 made me laugh. I hadn’t noticed the connotation before, but I agree that so many things could go wrong with it! Good luck! I’ve added you as a buddy – I’m “starrynightblue” there. 🙂


  6. I’m with you on #1, #2, #3 and #7 (definitely change that number).
    I wish you all the luck although I am sure your writing skills will require no luck for you to shine. I have delegated my self as an official cheerleader for NaNoWriMo. Goooooooooooo! Amy!


  7. Really glad you decided to go for it! And I love the idea of capturing a story idea and demanding an explanation!!!
    Hope to see you around NaNoWriMo somewhere – I’m elappleby on there too.


    1. Great! Yes, I still haven’t received the explanation…I feel a little harried. But, I’m going to try to not put too pressure on myself. I’m going to think of this as process. Best of luck to you. I’ll you as a buddy, if you’d like.


  8. Good Luck! 1667 words a day sounds like a lot… Some advice for what it’s worth. I give the same advice to my son when he is writing a paper of specified length. Never delete anything! It’s a draft. You may find another purpose for it. You may find a way to rewrite it so it works. Plus the extra words could help you be a winner in the end!


    1. Yes, I agree!! That’s great advice, Eric. If I can just treat it as a rough draft that doesn’t have to be perfect, then maybe I have a shot at being a winner!! Never delete anything. Good advice.


  9. You have no reason not to, plus you will love the challenge. Tried it a year or two back and I have a manuscript from it… It was great exercise… wish i could do it again


      1. At the top of Nano’s screen, click on search. Write the user name you’re looking for in the search bar. You’ll click on the member you’re looking for. On the new screen, across from the members name in small blue letters you’ll have the option of adding them as a buddy or sending Nano mail.
        Someone might know of an easier way, but that’s how I’ve been doing it.


  10. I think I’m simply Paul Douglas on NaNoWriMo. My first time. Talk about nervous. I think I only did about 1,000 words tonight. My hand hurt and my story went off into uncharted territory. I’ll be looking you up tomorrow.


    1. Oh, great Paul! I’ll add you to my buddy list. I know I feel the same way. It’s not as easy as I thought it would be. If I tell myself to just keep going, even though like you said, the story is moving in a different direction. We’ll just keep going!! It’s hard for me to quiet the inner editor, but I’m working on that. Good luck! You can do it!


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