Happy Halloween!

Tonight the kids will take a walk around the block for some tricks or treats. Last year my little one made to about five houses. We’ll see how he does this year. I think he’ll go to at least fifteen houses! Although, the neighborhood is looking pretty decked out, spookwise…

She’s the Girl on the Swing. She sings a version of “Ring Around the Rosy” I’ve never heard before. You know that delightful song about the bubonic plague? She’s right around the corner from me, and makes me a little nervous.

Here are some of Swing Girl’s friends.

Happy Halloween!!

May it be dark and scary

Except for those who are dealing with that scary Sandy and would prefer light.

I hope this lifts your spirits.

51 thoughts on “Happy Halloween!

  1. Happy Halloween. That girl on the swing reminds me of one morning when I was about 13 doing an early morning paper round and I cycled through a park and there was a man pushing a swing with no one on it. He looked up at me when I was around 20 feet away and he had no face only a white blank ghost look and this was midsummer time. I rode like the wind through that park and remember it to this day!


    1. Oh, wow Stephen! That’s not something one would easily forget. I would probably always think of that whenever I saw a swing! Yikes!! That’s very spooky. I hope you never see him again. Happy Halloween to you!


  2. that girl on the swing is super creepy. (but cool) I hope we get trick or treaters tonight. School is closed again– I love seeing the kiddies in their costumes


    1. Swing girl is new this year! I didn’t see her around last year. Were you affected by the storm? Sorry, I’m not sure were you live. I hope you get some kiddies, too. It’s always a lot of fun.


  3. TBF,
    Have fun! The girl on the swings looks directly out of Bonnie Tyler’s video Total Eclipse from the Heart.
    Le Clown


    1. Le Clown,
      Ha! I had to watch it now. “Turn around, bright eyes.” Yes, it’s a striking resemblance!! My favourite part was the ninja dance. Happy Halloween to you! I hope you have fun, too.


      1. It was the only time I ever screamed as when I rode away as fast I could, I imagined he/it was chasing me and after about 400 feet my empty plastic bag that was round my neck slipped against my rubber bike tyres and made the worst noise ever. I was convinced I was a goner. It was the only time I ever screamed but I was all on my own.

        Thankfully this halloween evening has gone well. About 20 kids so far all in great costumes and we are running out of treats for them so I guess there won;t be many left for me later.


      2. Wow, Stephen! You need to write a story about your swing experience. It sounds intense! I’m happy you’re having a great Halloween! No ghost faces. An empty candy bowl is a successful Halloween!


    1. Thanks! Yes, it is a really fun neighborhood. I really enjoy it as I like all the scary stuff. It’s a good time. I just hope my youngest son doesn’t get too upset. I’ll tell him, “It’s not real,” but that doesn’t seem to do the trick.


  4. I don’t scare easily, but yeah, the girl on the swing creeped me out a little.

    (okay, a lot.)

    Perhaps I should picture her swinging behind me while I run Saturday- that’ll get my butt in gear!

    Happy Halloween to you too Amy!


    1. Thanks, Christy!! That’s a great idea. Maybe you could pin her picture on your shirt instead of a quote! Hey, best of luck to you on your run…just think of it as a run 🙂 I’ll be thinking good thoughts.


    1. Thanks, Carrie! I think that is a possibility. They do a really good job. Some houses really do it up!! I just have, you know, my board ghost. We’ve also added some orange lights and some pumpkin lights 🙂


      1. No, I’m not sure, but the curiosity…it gets the better of me.
        Now, if only I could remember that saying… about the cat LOL My poor cat, he was also very curious. 🙂


  5. The swing girl is beautifully creepy and screams with the spirit of Halloween. I’m envious, all the houses around me are dark so, in spite of my over the top decorating, I’m not getting the trick or treaters. Alas, I have turned to the computer for my Halloween fix to which you have fulfilled, thank you for sharing!


    1. Hi, Sherrie! I’m so happy I could fulfill your Halloween fix! Swing girl was in full swing (can’t help myself there) tonight, creeping everyone out! It was altogether an elaborate display at this house, including a werewolf, pulling out intestines and electrocuting some kind of skeleton, with flying bats and ghosts that rose up and down. Whoa!! It was quite lovely!! The kids loved it. Maybe next year, your neighbors will join in!


      1. Now that’s my kind of decorating! I would have been loitering there all evening. Yes, hopefully my neighbors will get into the ‘swing’ of things next year.


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