Get Your Sunglasses Here – Friday Fictioneers – 11/02/12

It’s time for Friday Fictioneers, courtesy of Rochelle Wisoff-Fields when we gather to write a 100-word story or poem based on a photo prompt. This week’s photo was provided by Ted Strutz. Thank you, Ted.

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Image courtesy of Ted Strutz

Get Your Sunglasses Here

“Why are we here? No one’s buying sunglasses tonight,” said Elise.

“Stan just wants to milk this for all its worth,” Gina replied. She flipped through the sunglasses delicately, trying on a pair.

Stan glared in their direction. “Ladies.”

A brilliant beam of light radiated from a distance. Gina dropped her sunglasses when she heard a thunderous rumble. She screamed, “Look out!”

A motorcycle barreled toward the tent at full throttle. People sprung in all directions and rolled to the ground, narrowly escaping its path. Voices shrilled in the darkness, as the motorcycle plunged into the tent, sending sunglasses flying off their stands.

39 thoughts on “Get Your Sunglasses Here – Friday Fictioneers – 11/02/12

      1. You know what? It was a very eerie scene in the darkness… an oasis of light, and what in the hell are those people doing in a sunglasses booth? Our county fairgrounds is very rural and there is virtually no lampposts to light the way out… It was a strange sight… yes, dangerous comes to mind… yours was a good story you gory girl!


  1. Dear Amy,

    Thanks for fixing your link. Tried to get to your story earlier but was stymied. This sentence threw me,’ A brilliant beam of light radiated from a distance with thunderous rumble.’ This arrangement of words makes it sound as though the light is making the sound. (Not trying to be a buzz kill, for I’m pretty sure I know what you meant. Just trying to let you know where this reader got hung up in your story.)

    Is Stan driving the motorcycle?




    1. Hi Doug,
      Oh, thank you! You’re very right. That doesn’t make much sense. I’ll see if I can do something else with it. I’m in NaNo land and sometimes feel like I can barely string two words together! Thanks for you comments. I do appreciate it.


      1. my pleasure — true story, my old boss an ex marine used to like to drink and ride his Kawasaki Ninja motorcycle. One day he lost control on a turn crashed and ( lucky he was hearing a helmet ) punched his head through a house. leaving a helmet sized hole.

        He was unhurt, but bruised beyond compare, with a legend to match.


  2. Your writing evoked the scene and the terror very dramatically, but I am left wondering why the motorcycle was there at all and why it crashed into the sunglasses stand? I admire you for going for NaNoWritMo, not a hope of that much writing for me this year.


  3. Was the motorcycle rider wearing sunglasses too? Maybe he was after the flying toys, or just making his toy fly. Good action here and plenty for the reader to decipher.


  4. Haha…Russell’s comment made me laugh. I wonder if the motorcycle rider was trying to impress or frighten someone buying a pr. of sunglasses. Maybe an ex? Or maybe he was stoned and lost control. Wonder if the vendor will sue him for damages? Ah…so many questions. Well done.


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