Ice Cave – Friday Fictioneers – 11/09/12

I’m just barely squeezing it in today, but it’s still Friday where I am. It’s time for Friday Fictioneers, courtesy of Rochelle Wisoff-Fields.  Thank you, Rochelle, for providing today’s photo.

Please don’t judge too harshly. With the NaNo writing challenge, I’m feeling a little depleted.

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Copyright – Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

 Ice Cave (100)

Danny felt the chill of the glass, and he rubbed his fingers in a circular motion.

“Oh, don’t touch the crystals,” Henry blurted. “If you do, they will start multiplying and cover our entire house. We’ll be in an ice cave, turn into ice sculptures, and be frozen until the end of time.”

Danny withdrew his hand from the window and stared at his older brother, wide-eyed.

“Just drink your cocoa,” Henry stated.

Danny positioned his hands around his mug. “What if I could melt the crystals with my warm hand?”

“Don’t even try. They always come back,” Henry whispered.

42 thoughts on “Ice Cave – Friday Fictioneers – 11/09/12

  1. Glad you made it, Amy. I like the ordinary scary tone of your story, something we’ve probably all experienced at some point. Enjoy your weekend and your novel writing.


    1. Thanks, Weebs! You’re very sweet. Oh, yes, the mind games. I’m afraid I played a few on my youngest sister. I believe it had something to do with a doll and how this doll didn’t love her anymore. I was such a brat! We still talk about it!


  2. Dear Amy,

    Me thinks they’re going to end up in an ice cave. i could not resist testing every limit my older brother arbitraily set forth. lovely story that captured the magic of childhood perfectly.




    1. Dear Doug,
      Thank you, kind sir. If the little brother tests this one, indeed, he will see that they come back. Poor thing. He’ll be in fear for who knows how many years to come. Thanks for your kind comments.


  3. Hi Amy,
    Glad you could make it. it’s never too early or too late with this group. Your story brought back memories for me, too. For me it was my brother and my cousin. Both were six years older than I and the one thing they ever agreed on was torturing me. Good dialogue.


    1. Thanks, Rochelle! I’m glad I made. It’s always rewarding when I put forth the effort, and sometimes, I end up liking what I wrote 🙂 I had five siblings so it’s something I definitely grew up with. Six years older, huh? Oh, I hope they weren’t cruel.


  4. Amy,
    Loved the story…I had older brothers and they teased me so often by the age of four I stopped believing them or at least that’s what I kept telling them…


    1. Yes, he’s kidding! I tried to comment on yours and it won’t accept it. Here’s my comment for yours: Great story, Shirley. I like how she’s trying to be composed for her daughter’s sake, and then, the tears when she sees the Sheriff.


  5. The brother is bratty for sure…but has quite the imagination. Have a feeling he’s going to grow up to be a writer and spin all sorts of wild stories…may even join FFers.


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