A Moment in Nature

I pass through this beautiful spot when I go running, and I wanted to share it. Yesterday, I saw a sly coyote camouflaged in a field.  I’ve also seen a bobcat,  deer, a white owl (that was cool) and bunnies.  Lots and lots of bunnies.

Once in a little stream, I also saw a river otter (or maybe it was a beaver). Mr. Bumble thinks I made it up, but I swear it’s true.

This is always a highlight of my day when I see it, although it probably looks more splendid in person. Imagine the crisp air and the sun’s light glimmering through the trees…

What about you? Do you have special moments in nature? (I realize this question could have multiple meanings/answers  for you.) Well, nature has a special meaning for everyone. When I see a wild animal, it’s as if I was sprinkled with fairy dust.

A NaNoWriMo update: I’m at 16,535 words!!

I’m hanging in there. Many thanks for all your words of encouragement and for your support last week.  Your kindness meant more than you could know, and they kept me going. Really, thanks for cheering me on.


51 thoughts on “A Moment in Nature

  1. It looks like a great place to go for a run. I like walking in the country at this time of year, especially if the soil is frozen and it and grass crunches when you walk on it 🙂 I normally see foxes, squirrels, sometimes a hedgehog, and an occasional red kite (the bird not a toy).

    Generally at this time I enjoy watching the little birds in my garden. By now, we are down to just the hardcore winter birds like black birds and the very Christmassy robin redbreast.

    One of my first blog posts was about my favourite tree which though isn’t my favourite natural moment, is probably my most enjoyed http://wp.me/p2zqNT-Y


    1. Hi Stephen, It is a great place to run. I feel lucky to have it so close. You have quite a lot of things to see as well. I love the foxes, but I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a hedgehog up close. That’s very cool. I will definitely check out your post. Sometimes just a simple place can be so refreshing, like your tree. Thanks for your nice comments.


  2. When I see a wild animal, it’s as if I were sprinkled with fairy dust.=== this made me smile so big at you :0) Love it! and congrats on the writing, wow you are doing awesome with the challenge.

    I love when I hike and the only sounds are the rustling trees and the crunch of my steps. (And maybe the occassional musings of my husband and daughters.)


    1. Thank you! I’m keeping up the words, even though I’m not sure I really like what I’m actually writing. Oh well! I’m glad you can enjoy nature…the rustling trees and the crunch of your steps. That sounds very peaceful.


  3. Every now and then a female Sparrowhawk visits our garden (to rest, not hunt) and sometimes a Cormorant will take a break on a neighbour’s roof.

    When out and about we also see fields of Deer or even Hares.

    My mother-in-law renovated a 14th century farmhouse out in the middle of nowhere and they often see Pheasants on the bird table, or Deer in the garden. Last time my husband and I visited there was a family of ducks residing in the pond (and eating the garden plants!) and another time I was blessed to see a Robin nesting in one of the big sheds on their land. They have rabbits for neighbours.

    One night my mother-in-law got up to visit the bathroom and, before she could switch the light on, was confronted by the sight of a huge white Barn Owl staring at her through the bathroom window!

    Recently there was a fox out by the front of our house – just days after we married actually. We were woken by this ungodly shrieking noise, looked out of the window and saw this beautiful Vixen recovering from being surprised by our neighbour’s cat! He eventually sheperded her into our front garden, and D was able to get a very dark photograph before she loped off.


    1. Missus Tribble, it sounds like you’ve had many adventures with nature. That’s very cool. I especially love when I see an owl, which rarely happens. To see one through a bathroom window, wow…that would have been a sight! That’s cool that you can visit the farmhouse in the middle of nowhere. I bet that’s a great place to be. Thanks for your sharing your stories.


  4. It sounds like you’re running through Wind in the Willows, with all those animals. We have some animals over here, but it’s pretty rare to see any besides birds. I’ve seen a handful of snakes in the last 8 years and 6 deer, I think, but that’s it.
    Also, congratulations on Nano. Sounds like you’re going strong. I had a slowdown of a couple days because of general busyness and not knowing what was going to happen next. But I’m back~ 🙂


    1. Thanks, David. You always inspire me to see or read new things. I’ll have to go check this book out now. 🙂 We actually have lots of rattlesnakes here, but luckily I don’t run into those. Nano is going ok, but I’ll be honest, I think it’s the worst stuff I’ve ever written! Good luck with your writing. I’m sure you’ll think of something. I just know you will!


      1. Don’t feel discouraged if it seems bad. I like the potential of what I’m writing, but at the moment, it’s really not very good either. That’s what second drafts are for. 🙂


  5. This picture reminds me of my trail I walk. I have written about it several times. It is the one place that feels magical and I am always having special moments in nature there. It seems different every time. I saw salmon “run” for the first time in my life on my trail and that was amazing. I once bumped into a deer. I was walking along lost in thought and enjoying all the nature. I had just seen some bunnies so I was looking for more as I walked. My head was lowered. Now I often pass people doing the same as me and I always say, “Good Morning”, or “Nice Day”, or “How are you today?”. As I said I had my head down and didn’t notice someone in front of me until I was upon them. While I lifted my head I said, “Oh, excuse me, I’m sorry I wasn’t paying attention …” because a collision was imminent. Of course, when I did look up I was looking into the eyes of a deer. We both froze, staring at each other. Finally, I said, “You’re beautiful”, and the spell was broken and the deer ran off. It was very surreal.


    1. Oh, what a beautiful story, Michelle, and I agree,a surreal experience with the deer. And the spell was broken…oh, I love it. I can’t think of a more perfect thing to say to a deer! They are incredible, mystical animals. I’ve never seen a salmon run except for at the hatchery we have in town. That sounds incredible, too. Thanks for sharing!


  6. What a beautiful spot you have here, Amy. I can’t imagine what it would be like to see a Bobcat! Or a White Owl! That’s so cool. I have a place that’s very similar and, like you, I get excited to see the wildlife that crosses my path. I love the deer, foxes and coyotes. I also have occasional giant turtles, snakes and frogs crossing the path. When your eyes are open to all of it, it’s really magical. Sometimes I feel like I’m walking through a painting – Monet or Van Gogh or something…
    I think it’s one of the most spiritual things you can do – communing with nature, breathing in the fresh air, and marveling at God’s creations.
    Thanks for this “Moment in Nature.” Just what I needed today.


    1. You’re most welcome, Lisa! And, thanks for stopping by and sharing your moments in nature. I always get excited when I see animals. It sounds like you have quite an assortment, too. I’m always on the lookout for owls. With them it’s matter of timing. I think they’re my favorite!


  7. 16,000 words?
    Ha! I write a 400 words post and I demand a Pulitzer.
    Not much wildlife around here, when I go to the country I like to see the wild pigs and donkeys, donkeys are really nice, pigs not so much.


    1. Well, Leo, I didn’t say like really great words, but they be words on a page! It’s been harder to do than I thought I would be. Donkeys are sweet to me. But, you’re right, pigs not so much. They are supposed to be quite smart though.


  8. That looks so peaceful Amy, I’d love to run there too!

    I am lucky to live in the country in West Texas (well lucky most days). We have lots of wide open spaces with rolling hills and just about all the wildlife you can imagine. Just this week we have seen deer, foxes, hawks and eagles, (an owl flew over my head last week- amazing, but a tad scary after the fact), but my favorite was this past Friday. I looked out the window and saw a flock of wild turkeys- there must have been thirty of them! The last time I saw a flock of turkeys was the day after my mom died. So of course it made me think of her and smile.

    And I’ve always had a fondness for Weeping Willow trees, and this Joyce Kilmer poem, “Trees,” has stuck with me since childhood:

    I think that I shall never see
    A poem lovely as a tree.
    A tree whose hungry mouth is prest
    Against the earth’s sweet flowing breast;
    A tree that looks at God all day,
    And lifts her leafy arms to pray;
    A tree that may in Summer wear
    A nest of robins in her hair;
    Upon whose bosom snow has lain;
    Who intimately lives with rain.
    Poems are made by fools like me,
    But only God can make a tree.

    Have a great week Amy! Continued inspiration to you as you write and, as Hemingway would say, bleed… ~ Christy


    1. Thank you, Christy! Thanks your all your nice comments. The poem was lovely. Thank you for sharing it with me. It sounds like you have a great place to run in nature, too. Wow, an owl nipped at your head. We actually have turkeys that wander the neighborhood here! Sometimes they fly up onto the roofs. Thanks for the encouragement….oh, I hope I don’t bleed. Oh, the sacrifice.


  9. That picture is flat-out gorgeous. I would love with pass through it each day! Unfortunately, not a lot of large deciduous trees grow where we live because the soil is extremely sandy. Everything is mostly paved over, too. Luckily, though, right outside our back porch is a large stand of pines. When C was just born, I used to take her out there when she was crying unconsolably, and it usually calmed her.


  10. I love nature, and I love fall leaves. Great picture!

    I actually love very close to Forest Park in Portland which is one of the largest urban forests in the US. I’m a very lucky girl.

    Congrats on your NaNoWriMo count!


  11. Well done with the word count so far – keep it up! It looks like you have a great place to go running and must be very blessed to have so much nature around to enjoy. Whilst I enjoy the incredible nature of Bangladesh, I do miss woods, hills and mountains from the UK. You just don’t get them here!


    1. Thanks, Ken. I do feel lucky to have a place like this to go that isn’t far away. What is it like Bangladesh? I imagine jungles for some reason. Thanks for the support! I’ll keep writing somehow. It’s harder than I thought it would be.


      1. There are jungles in Bangladesh but, alas, most are gone. Most of the land is flat and full of water-logged rice paddies. It IS very beautiful but I do miss the hills, woods and forests of the West!

        Keeping going with the writing. My 12 year old daughter and I both wrote our own novels for JulNoWriMo and we were both so pleased to have made it to the end! Good luck 🙂


  12. The thing about experiencing nature is that I typically have to leave my apartment to do so. 😉
    Seriously though, B.F, beautiful photograph! I sure wish those colors would stick around a bit longer! I do love getting outside and experiencing… outdoorsy… stuff… unless it’s… WINTER *dun dun dun*!
    Congrats on your incredibly impressive Nano-ing as well! Not that I’m surprised, though! You’ve totally got this (er, that)!


    1. Well, I know you get out your apartment once in a while SIG, to take photographs and such 🙂 I don’t have to deal with a real winter, not really. A little rain. I wished it would rain a lot more, in fact! Thanks about the Nano-ing. I’m going to keep trying to write the story I’m writing even though I’m not sure I should…


    1. Thanks. Nature is definitely a source of inspiration for me. I’m working on those words right now, as a matter of fact! Some are easier to get motivated. Today wasn’t one of those days. But I’m still on track…Thanks for the support.


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