Where It Stops, Nobody Knows – Friday Fictioneers – 12/14/12

It’s time for Friday Fictioneers, brought to you by our gracious host, Rochelle Wisoff-Fields. Our photo was provided by Doug MacIlroy. My 100 words comes to you as story. I’ll admit I was stumped by this one. Thanks, Doug, for the difficult challenge.

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Copyright -Douglas M. MacIlroy

He spun the globe multiple times before pinning his pudgy finger, shutting his eyes. Where do we want to go today, he whispered. His wife approached.

“I got it. Our next destination is Antarctica,” he announced. “This has gotta be Carcass Island.” He held his fingertip on the globe, while he typed into his laptop. “Let me just check…”

“Sounds lovely,” she gasped.

“Here,” he thumped the globe into her head, which bounced into her hands.

“You want to see Carcass Island?”  She hurled the globe into the concrete and stomped on it, crushing it to flatness. “There. Carcass Island.”

Note: I just happened to stumble across Carcass Island, and I felt inspired.  Apparently, it’s part of the Falkland Islands.

72 thoughts on “Where It Stops, Nobody Knows – Friday Fictioneers – 12/14/12

  1. I think she’s reached her random travel quota for the year (or more.) With Carcass Island in the mix, I was thinking bodies and, well, carcasses might be where the story was headed, not just anger.


  2. I’d love to see these two bickering ON Carcass Island.

    – “Don’t touch that!”

    – “Don’t tell me what to do!”


  3. You know, I had to stop everything and go research Carcass Island. Did you know it was named for the HMS Carcass, although how that got its name, I have no idea. Britain obviously had way too many ships and ran out of good names.
    BTW, El Guapo isn’t the only one who wants to go there. If you told me we were going tomorrow, I wouldn’t be able to sleep for excitement (although, my wife would say, “Okay, see you when you get back.”). 🙂


    1. David, I’m thrilled I inspired you to do research! It has made this whole story worth writing. Yay! See, I knew I stumbled across Carcass Island for a reason. I think you and Guapo should meet. You have this common, you’re bound to hit it off! I understand he’s quite the adventure seeker. You and Guapo can go together. I’ll stay behind, too. You can show me all the pictures you’ll take! 🙂


      1. It’s on the list, along with most every other place in the world. There are so many places I’d love to go. My cousin and I want to go to the island of Socotra, which is between Yemen and Somalia. Such a wonderful place for many reasons, but a rather dangerous area of the world, unfortunately.


      2. Yeah, I don’t think I’d want you to go there. I’m sure it might be wonderful….but, how about Carcass Island instead! 🙂 Traveling to an island would be an adventure, that does sound tempting.


  4. I wouldn’t have smashed the globe on the floor if he thumped my head with it. I would have thumped his “head” on the floor. His carcass would be part of the island. Loved the story. 😉


    1. Oohh, Mari! You don’t mess around. That would be far more dramatic…but I may have needed more words 🙂 It’s always interesting how the word limit structures your story, isn’t it? Thank you!


    1. Ron, I love your comments! Ha ha. Yeah, maybe it wouldn’t be so bad in Carcass Island after all with global warming. They might have a few days above freezing. Mari suggested I turn him into a carcass. See, my character is sympathetic after all. Thanks!


  5. damn! stomp! i’m getting the feeling that this has not been an “equal” partnership, and someone has had juuuust about enough. well stomped. i mean well done.


    1. Well said, Rich. But I’m sure if the option had been a beautiful beach, he may have had a different response. Or, maybe it just doesn’t matter anymore. Could be. Maybe the Carcass place wouldn’t so bad?


      1. I think it’s names after a British ship. I don’t want to be on that ship. I haven’t really researched it. But, I was informed this was the case. A British ship named Carcass. Does it make you want to do research?


      2. not an ice cream fan, unless it’s moosetracks. i’m barely hanging on to my 33 waist. in fact, after this week, i’m sure it’s closer to 35 now.


      3. this weekend. made a pork roast with baked potatoes yesterday. today, rotisserie chicken with garlic bread and green beans, blueberry pie for dessert. lunch was leftover pork from yesterday. my kid doesn’t eat well at her mother’s house, so i try to go extra when she’s here. one day last week at her mother’s house they had pasta with no sauce on it, no butter, nothing but salt sprinkled on it. that was dinner. some nights dinner is not made at all unless she makes it. she’s 14. some days she stops at my house after school to eat because she knows there might be nothing at her mom’s that night.


      4. Oh…I’m so sad for her. Noodles with nothing but salt. No wonder you go to so much trouble. I’m sure she. appreciates it, plus you eat better then too. I try to make good meals for my kids. Sometimes, they’re so picky, I end up making the stuff I know they will eat. Chicken, pork chops, homemade pizza. If I make something new, they usually don’t like it!


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