“A Festivus for the Rest of Us”

It’s a Festivus for the rest of us!

In honor of my giftee, my kitties and I have decorated a Festivus pole. We thought my giftee would appreciate this.

They decorated it with all their favorite toys. I told them not to get too fancy.
Festivus Pole
Just one photo before my nap.
“You’re in big trouble now. “
“I didn’t do it.”
“Look at all my hard work in shambles!”
“Don’t look at me. It was glowy eyes over there.”
“You can’t even look me in the eye, Shasta. Admit it.”
Exhausted from all his hard work and all that meowing he does. You would not believe the mouth on this little kitty.
Exhausted from all his hard work and all that meowing he does. You would not believe the mouth on this little kitty.

In spite of some initial hostility, I think the kitties pulled it off quite well. A big thanks to Shasta, Spud, and Lucky for all their help.

Forgive me for all the cat pictures. Lucky, seen sleeping above, is our newest addition. We went for cat food, and came out with a kitten…well, the next day, after many tears were shed. You know what they say, three’s a charm. They do say that, right?

Somehow, Lucky has made our life so rich and full. We feel lucky to have Lucky. In spite of the fact that Lucky is currently the frenemy, I know they will be buddies soon and get along famously.

Do you know your Festivus Pole facts?

Why did Frank Costanza choose an unadorned aluminum pole as his Festivus icon?
a) He found tinsel distracting
b) He marvelled at the strength to weight ratio of aluminum
c) A pole requires no decorations
d) All of the above 
See answer below.

For those Seinfeld fans, here’s a bit from the Festivus episode, “The Strike.”

Answer: d) All of the above

Take the whole quiz here.



Happy Festivus!

45 thoughts on ““A Festivus for the Rest of Us”

  1. Ahahaha! Amy, your kitten is presh. I just love cats. When we give them captions it’s always funny.

    I guess I never realized that my family had always incorporated a bit of Festivus to our family gatherings… you know, the part when we all air our grievances with each other and get into an enormous family fight. Good times!! The only thing we were missing was the pole!


    1. Thanks, Lisa. Isn’t he sweet? He’s sitting on my lap right now 🙂 I think a lot of families probably celebrate Festivus without intending to. Ha ha. Maybe you should make it official and get the pole! That’s a thought.


      1. We love cats … have had three through the years. However, because of my wife’s allergies and our avoidance of additional nasal roto-roter surgery, we probably won’t have cats any more – but we still miss having them.


  2. I love it! The kitties — adorable! The Festivus video! I love Frank and his crazy self! I really enjoyed reading the captions under the little kitties — almost made me want to get one.


    1. Thanks, Sandee! This video brings back old times. That Frank is a nut. I like the holiday of an official non-consumer holiday to sit around a pole. Hey, why not? The kitties are cute, aren’t they? If you don’t have one, you should get one. They’re great little companions. They always give me peace.


    1. Thanks! I had a kind reminder. My husband is a huge Seinfeld fan. Festivus actually had its origin from the writer of this episode. It was his grandfather, or father who started it all. I’m not sure exactly who, but someone in his family. People actually celebrate this holiday with the pole and everything! Of course, the pole is not decorated. 🙂


    1. Oh, Em! I’d be honored to be in charge of the Festivus pole. Of course, I broke a few rules here by decorating it 🙂 It’s not hard to get in the spirit when I have such go-getters like my furry friends to help. Thanks, Emily.


      1. Me too. I actually didn’t ever like it when I saw the ads for it and then one day I sprained my ankle and had to sit resting for a few days. I couldn’t get up to change the channel when an episode came on and after that I was hooked! Funny how these thing happen 😉


    1. You mean the one who is responsible for knocking down the Festivus pole? You know he did that on purpose. Winnie “Strawhat” McMorrow…with a name like that, how he can he not be the greatest cat? So far, little Spud is a good kitty…except for the knocking down of the pole thing, of course. Welcome, Bill!


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