The Reveal – Friday Fictioneers – 01/18/13

It’s still Friday here, so I’m squeezing in my offering for Friday Fictioneers, hosted by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields. Rochelle also provided the prompt for this week, which happens to be the picture that inspired the cover for her novel.

If you like my story just a little bit, please check out these amazing stories from the Fictioneers. Every week, they raise the bar. These stories are getting so good.

Genre: Mystery; 100 words

Copyright – Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

The Reveal

The phone was a relic except for the day it rang. It rattled her, and brought her out of her belabored reading of onion-skinned manuscripts of recorded names and indistinct facts. With silence on the other end, she carefully returned the phone to its carriage, wondering if she dreamt it.

Sometimes she answered the phone…always static. Sometimes she threw it in a drawer.

Yellow and red scribbles marred the manuscript she held, as if marked by a child, save for an address outlined clearly in red. The phone rang, clutching it in her shaking hands, an answer, “I am here.”

61 thoughts on “The Reveal – Friday Fictioneers – 01/18/13

  1. This almost sounds like a ghost story to me! You’ve made me very curious about who the “I” on the old phone is, and where they are…and what that has to do with the scribbles and the outlined address. Very good beginning for a mystery!


  2. We’ve just crossed over into the Twilight Zone!

    In the UK we have an annual Reader’s Digest 100-Word Story competition – first prize £1000 – £10 per word! Perhaps you should consider entering some competitions – Flash Fiction ones now abound.


      1. Not a shot Amy – but because of your nationality not your writing! The one I alluded to is UK only. But there are many flash fiction competitions online and most with global entry.

        Writing competitions are a bit of a lottery with usually many entries and the subjectivity of writing and the judges but you can use that as the excuse if you don’t win and if you do, well then you are a prize-winning writer!

        I have just entered my first ever short-story competition which is why this subject is on my mind!


      2. Oh, Sam, how exciting for you. I hope you win! You’ll never know unless you try, huh? I imagine like you said a lot of factors go into winning, maybe even just good luck. Perhaps I will try, too. Thanks for the encouragement. Which ones have you entered or think are good ones, if you don’t mind me asking.


  3. The one I entered was ‘Coming Up…’ which I have made private on my blog as was planning to enter it in another competition which did not allow prior publication including blogs. But then I found a competition that does.

    But I would enter all my fiction in competitions. And the same piece in multiple competitions.

    It is more a matter of thinking which writing is suitable for particular competitions – genre, style requirements…

    I plan to submit to journals too. Less of a lottery, though the pay for many of them is a pittance. Such is writing!

    Poets & Writers is a good site/journal for resources and information about writing competitions and journals that accept submissions.


    1. Sam, thank you so much for all the info! I wish you the best. Let me know what happens. Good luck with it. I guess you can’t win if you don’t try. I will look into that site you mentioned.


  4. Thanks for your comment about my story! Our stories are similar. The phone rings impossibly too, in my story. I have been challenged about my ‘ending’ too. I agree like yours, mine seems more of an episode and the end is also a beginning. A beginning of what? Who knows ‘where’ is this realm of ‘white noise’? An ending can also be a question, can’t it? Ann


  5. That was genuinely spooky, Amy. Great job! I love a good spine-tingling tale. Does she ever find out who it is? Maybe the next 100 words for that. Of course, it only needs 7 more words to totally ruin the mood. “Who is this?” “Oh, sorry. Wrong number.”


  6. those pesky old phones…always waiting to jump up and ring to scare the white hair into us!! thanks for putting a few white hairs in…*sigh*
    i loved your story!! ❤


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