Post of the Week: The Mercenary Researcher

Good day, Bloggers.

First off, I want to thank Adam S. at  MY RIGHT TO BITCH for giving me this Post of the Week idea. You see, Adam, it was such a Bitchin’ idea. (cough* cough*). Yes, I confess, I stole his idea. But you know, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Thanks to him for all his help, too.

I also wanted to thank Frank and El Guapo for their inspiration as they both often celebrate bloggers every week.

And, a special thanks to Leo for attempting to solve my technical problems. He gave me splendid, thorough instructions. But alas, my chosen theme allows me to provide a link to the Post of the Week on only the Home page. I could create some CSS, but if I tried that it would probably be disastrous. Since many people go straight to a specific post and bypass the Home page altogether, I thought the best thing to do would be for the Post of the Week to have its own page. So, I will put the link on the sidebar (on the Home page) AND on its own special page that will be named…hmm….Bumble’s Pressed.

Do you think WordPress will sue me? I don’t see any TMs or Rs with circles… I’m open for suggestions.

This week’s post is Half a Mile Outside of Bloody Basin from The Mercenary Researcher.

I loved this story. It’s masterfully told and has a cast of strange characters straight from a horror story. You can’t make this stuff up…I mean, it happens outside the Bloody Basin.

If you haven’t already read this, check it out. Enjoy!

76 thoughts on “Post of the Week: The Mercenary Researcher

  1. I like your Post Of The Week idea. How fun it will be to see who/what you feature each week. Don’t forget to add one of your own to the mix too. I’d say, pick a certain day for “Post Of The Week” like Fri or something and keep it up for the wknd only. Just an idea.


  2. Thank you Amy. Thank you Amy. Thank you Amy. Thank you Amy. Thank you Amy. And 100 times more. I woke up to only 11 emails this morning instead of 146. What can I do to thank you. Wash your yacht? Polish your jet plane? Wash your back? Guide tourists around your castle? Name it!! as I have so few comments to delete 😀 Ralph xox


  3. Bumble Pressed. Sounds like a coveted group to be in. And if they can sue you for the word “Pressed” you can definitely sue that shampoo place for using “Bumble”. In any case, you should at least break even. 🙂


  4. Amy, I was also wondering if you’d like to participate in my Invitational Prompts series. It’s a way of highlighting some of my top supporters. I’ve done one already with Sharmishtha Basu. You just think of some elements of a story you’d like me to write and I’ll write it and dedicate it to you. If you’re interested, email me and we can figure out the details 🙂


    1. No, miss…you didn’t miss a thing! That’s exactly what I’m thinking of doing. Otherwise, I don’t think people will look at it other than on the post day. Maybe that’s the only day they would they look at it anyway. Oh, Becca…I don’t know!! When you go to my blog, do you go to my Home page first? Or, do go straight to a post?


  5. Great idea, and great choice! Rutabaga’s writing is always so entertaining and engaging.

    Can you do a custom menu and create either a tag or category for Bumbledly Pressed (I changed it a little hee hee) will make the posts link to that menu item? You could reblog the posts you’re featuring and tag them and that would make them show up in that menu.


    1. Thanks, Kylie! I like Bumbledly Pressed! Hee hee…very good!! That’s a winner!

      I’m not sure I’m following…do you mean a separate page? Or, is this something else? I feel good about the separate page.


      1. Yes it would make it into a separate page. The posts would show up in your regular posts, but then they’d be archived to a special page all their own. Check out my boogie used this function for things like the Fictionary and the Little Guys Tale.


  6. Unfortunately things of a Freshly Pressed nature are a bit beyond my pay-grade, B.F!
    -P.S. I’ve been noticing most people call you ‘Amy’… should I be doing that?! I feel like I should be doing that… I hope my calling you B.F. all the time isn’t crazy-lame!


    1. What?! Oh, no way, SIG!!
      P.S. Yes, Amy is my name. You can certainly call me that, although I’ve become accustomed to you calling me B.F.! Of course, it’s not crazy-lame.
      P.P.S. I once had a crush on a guy named SIG (well, Sig)…and he turned out to be a real jerk!! But I know that’s not your name. I know your name is Robert. See, how observant I am!


      1. Good to know, B.F… I was kind of worried!
        Stupid jerks! Giving S.I.G’s a bad name! Fortunately he didn’t contaminate Robert, anyway!
        Maybe observant is your middle name, Amy!
        (See, a B.F. AND an Amy… just to play it safe!)


  7. Your welcome, chick. I enjoy doing this stuff, so if you ever wanna bounce anything off of me, feel free. I think everyone should do something like this. It’s a good way to put stuff out there that many people aren’t aware off – stuff that’s well worth the read.


  8. Bumble Pressed – I love it! What a brilliant idea. There are so many great blogs that I totally miss and it’s great to get pointed in the direction of new ones 😉


  9. That was an awesome find. I’m intrigued by those places with creepy names. Near where I live (80 miles or so, anyway) there’s a “Brown Material Road.” It’s nice to know that little towns with hella creepy names exist in places other than horror novels.

    It’s kinda fun to make up those town names: Bathsheba’s Sorrow; Anguish Falls, Eyeball Junction.


  10. Every time I read the name Rutabaga, I think of the Vegetarian Food Restaurant here in So. CA. tilted, Rutabagora’s. Sorry, but it just totally changes this whole conversation when reading it. lol


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