Post of the Week: Alice at Wonderland

Last week after my post about boobs, Alice said to me, and I quote, “Boobies are nothin’ without hoo-has.”

Alice…You. Complete. Me.

For this reason, Alice at Wonderland’s You can learn so much from Cosmo is my featured Post of the Week.

I know she’s conspiring with that Mad Hatter fellow, and I’m sure Squirrel is in on it…but for some reason, I think Sad Pony has been left out. Again. Poor Sad Pony.

If you missed this post, you must read it, because it’s really important, and by that I mean, REALLY IMPORTANT!! I promise it will be a great start to your week. Enjoy!

31 thoughts on “Post of the Week: Alice at Wonderland

  1. Hahaha… when I was growing-up I might have flipped through a ‘Cosmo’… occasionally.
    Hoping, of course, that it would provide me with great ‘insight’ into the female mind.
    You can about imagine how well all that worked out for me, though.
    Ooooo, look! A QUIZ!!!


    1. I know…I always had high hopes for the quizzes. They’re nothing but disappointments!! Never helpful! Still, I bought that magazine once in a while. Gee, I wonder why. At least it makes for great post material!


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