Post of the Week: Silk Purse Productions

Who doesn’t enjoy crispy french fries? After reading Michelle’s post, I was a bit hungry. If I ever make it to Canada, I will be on a quest for a French Fry truck.

I’m also betting it is Michelle who is He-Who’s true muse. I don’t see how she couldn’t be after writing this post, which describes He-Who’s dedication to finding the perfect french fry. Certainly, no one but Michelle can fully understand He-Who.

Michelle’s post is a real treat. Check out her post, Do You Want Fries With That? from Silk Purse Productions.

18 thoughts on “Post of the Week: Silk Purse Productions

  1. I had pommes frites yesterday for the first time in ages. McDonald’s gave them to me by mistake and told me they were free. So I got them gratis. They were so good. And so wrong. That’s what made them so good. But such a treat on Superbowl Sunday, which is noted for junk food. So I did my part.


    1. Michelle, I would love a guided tour some day! That would be fabulous. I’m sure He-Who knows all the best places. So, it’s not just fries for He-Who? He likes other food, too? Well, you would know best about that. I really loved this post of yours, and all the photos were a bonus!


  2. Wow!! Never heard of a FF wagon. We are missing out. But, within 30 miles of my house, you can find the absolute best hand-cut deep-fried greasy goodness of a potato in the world–The Varsity, in Atlanta, Georgia, just off the campus of Georgia Tech. Seriously, the best! (and onion rings, too!!)


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