Trust No One – Friday Fictioneers – 02/08/13

It’s time for Friday Fictioneers. Thank you to our gracious host, Rochelle Wisoff-Fields. Thanks to Rich Voza for the photo, another inspiring offering.

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Copyright – Rich Voza

Trust No One (100)

“We are now clear for takeoff,” said the muffled voice of the pilot.

Passengers shifted in their seats, their restless energy depleted from a number of false starts. The plane taxied to its position on the runway.

A man toward the front of the plane burst out of his seat,ย  “Can’t you see it’s the drones? Or, didn’t you get the memo? They’re coming,” he pointed his finger in the air. “Don’t you hear that?”

“Sit down, Fox. You’re scaring the passengers,” whispered Scully.

An unidentified, aerial vehicle blew past them.

Fox smiled, “Drones, Scully.”

“Just a bird,” she murmured.

73 thoughts on “Trust No One – Friday Fictioneers – 02/08/13

    1. Thank you! I guess the X-files rode off into the sunset! I think they were done by the time they finished. It was fun while it lasted though. I had always looked forward to the X-Files, back when I used to watch TV.


  1. The X-Files were great. Mulder and Scully….ah those were the days. You got the dialogue and chemistry between the two spot on.


  2. Hi Amy, Never saw the X-files but love this. ‘An unidentified, aerial vehicle’ – great description for a bird. ๐Ÿ™‚


  3. i never watched the x-files, but i thought the names were mulder and scully. who is fox? or is that his first name?

    question. this line: ” said the muffled voice of the pilot.” one way i try to save words is looking for things like “voice of the pilot” and changing it to “pilot’s voice.” just a helpful hint that was not asked for, but i can’t help throwing it out there.

    also – here’s a selfish favor – when you post yours each week, can you select that pic with the sunglasses all the time so i can more easily find your story? i know – selfish and annoying. thanks!!


    1. Yes, Rich….Fox is his first name. I always laughed when Scully called him Fox, which I thought was a silly name. Yeah, I was trying to show that static like intercom of the pilot. Maybe it just doesn’t work here.
      Didn’t I select my sunglasses this week? Sometimes, it doesn’t show up as an option. But, I will do my bestest, dear Rich. Thanks!


      1. yup. glasses this week. thanks. oh, i didn’t say it “didn’t” work. i’m just curious if you look for things like that. i’m obsessive about it. too obsessive. is that possible? not sure.


  4. Didn’t watch X-files…must be too young!In this day and age I would say Fox is right; there’s a whole lot of things happening we barely know!
    Rich is hunting these days! The aborted take offs would make me more nervous and jumpy, I must say. Was interesting how Scully dealt with him, and we all do things like that, many,many times…Maybe he’s right..if he is…what are the we dare try to stop the take – off again?
    Very interesting story.


    1. Funny…as I write this, there’s story about the drones on TV! The spies in the skies! I think we will be hearing more about drones in coming years.

      No X-files?! Well, it’s an oldie, but goody! Scully is the scientist, and Fox Mulder, he’s the one who believes…in strange phenomenon, which includes a lot of things in the show. Hopefully, I captured their characters a little bit here! Thanks!


  5. Very nicely done! Kinda had me on the edge of my seat (my knees are totally digging into my tray-table… I have no idea how I’ll ever get it back into its upright and locked position)!
    I suspected you were an X-Files fan from the little tag-line on your header, Amy!


    1. Thanks, Robert. You are so observant! I’m thinking some people don’t get this at all, especially now that I see a lot of people didn’t watch this. I guess it was a long time ago, but it doesn’t seem that long ago.


    2. Thanks, Robert. You are so observant! I’m thinking some people don’t get this at all, especially now that I see a lot of people didn’t watch this. I guess it was a long time ago, but it doesn’t seem that long ago.


  6. Amy, I never watched the X-Files, but your story left me wanting more. Is it necessary to have watched this series in order to understand Scully’s character? From your style of writing, I’d probably guess no. You crafted a seamless scene. Nicely done!


    1. Thanks, Anka! You’re so sweet. Hopefully, I was able to capture the characters here adequately enough. Hard to say. Scully was the scientist who always needed proof, whereas Fox Mulder was the believer and trusted instinct.


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