Post of the Week: Realism Redefined

The zombies. Did you know they’re here? Yes, they are. I read all about it in Ly’s post from her blog, realism redefined. The zombies have appeared in her home town.

The day after I watched my first two episodes from the TV series, “The Walking Dead,” I read Ly’s post. It was cosmic. Some things simply are; there is no other explanation.

I’m two seasons behind on Walking Dead. This is how I roll, apparently. It’s okay. I’m fine with it, really.

I just recently got my first smart phone. So, now that I’m surrounded by smart devices, I’m tuned in. I’m on my fifth episode of “The Walking Dead,” and started from the beginning. The first two episodes I watched out-of-order. Now I’m on target.

At the end of the first episode, I liked the song that was playing. I, of course, Shazamed it, and it was none other than Wang Chung. This is a band I’m embarrassed to admit I liked back in the day. Oh, c’mon now, you must have one or two bands, or songs, that you liked that you’d rather keep to yourself. Many of you may not even know who I’m talking about. That’s okay. You know, they had two hits, and I really only liked one of them. Not the Wang Chunging one, the Dancing one.

And like Ly’s post and the zombies, Wang Chung has made an appearance. Everybody across the nation, around the world…you might as well Wang Chung, and you must read Ly’s post.

My Post of the Week: Get ready to Rescue Zombies?

Wang Chung, zombie style. You can see this is altogether cosmic. Enjoy.

50 thoughts on “Post of the Week: Realism Redefined

    1. Ha, Sandee, I like the Tropicando! I had to go listen to it. It reminds me of a James Bond film for some reason!

      Thanks. I think this is a catchy tune, even more so when a swarm of zombies are invading!


    1. Thanks, Marie. I’m sorry you didn’t enjoy your last zombie movie. Which one was it? I’m enjoying The Walking Dead, and it’s quite realistic, and quite the gore fest. I’ve determined I want to be long gone if the zombie apocalypse comes! I’m glad you enjoyed the Wang Chung. What’s not to like, right? I hope your read Ly’s post, too. I think you’ll get a kick out of it. Don’t worry, there’s no gore involved.


  1. I’ve never found zombies very intimidating.
    Because I feel like I could outrun them if I really had to.
    Of course I’m probably being way too overconfident. I hope it doesn’t turn-around and bite me in the… brain.


    1. Robert, have you watched any of this series? In this one, they don’t move too fast, but when they’re a lot of them, it’s very tricky!! Plus, have you ever seen, “I Am Legend”? Those of the worst zombies I’ve seen. They’re lightening quick and really ugly!! I don’t want to be alive for the zombies!


  2. My husband loves “The Walking Dead.” He tells me I really should watch it, and even though I don’t normally like zombie stuff, I suspect he’s right given its popularity. But there are so many other shows to watch and so little time. Don’t you hate these tough first-world life problems? πŸ˜‰


    1. This is why I’m two seasons behind on this one! Never enough time to just watch TV. It takes a real commitment to settle in with a show and be a loyal fan and watch it. Oh, I know…these problems are tough, aren’t they? I think you would enjoy Walking Dead. It kind of sucks you in, but I’ll warn you, there’s a lot of gore. At least, I think there is.


  3. Maybe you know already but I’m big walking dead fan. And they do s fairly good job with music.I remember really liking the song that was playing at the end of the episode where Rick was in Atlanta in the tank and they pulled back and back and back. Was that this one?
    I’m so proud to know you right now. Zombies and Wang Chung awesomeness!


    1. Yay, The Walking Dead! I must say I like it, even though I’ve pretty much determined I want to be long gone if the zombies are coming. And, you are dead on (no pun intended!), yes, that’s the song and that’s the shot. The zombies are all swarming around the tank and that horse, and they pull back for wide, aerial view. Yep! That’s the one, Shalagh. You have an excellent memory. I liked this song set against that backdrop, but Wang Chung…who knew!


      1. I knew it. Loved. So glad you’ve got Netflix. While I’m doing my baby time, I intend to start from the beginning of Downtown Abbey. Just installed Netflix with the 22 year-olds left behind WII.


  4. Ouch, had my own Wang Chung moments in high school… Haven’t got around to The Walking Dead yet. I’m more behind than you are, and yes, it’s how I roll as well. I may never get to see it.


    1. Jennifer, I’m glad I’m not the only one! The only reason I can watch it now, of course, is because we got Netflix, which is a handy way to catch up! It’s not too late for you, if you want to. We watch them on demand, the only way, otherwise I would never stick with it. I hope you get the chance. Just think, you might even hear some more Wang Chung tunes….


  5. Thanks for reposting my little story about losing my mind to zombies. (Wait, isn’t that what they do–take your mind??) Haven’t seen any around here for awhile, but you can go to the next town over and find signs of Mystic Grill and Mystic this and that. All signs that vampires are writing their diaries there. Don’t watch that one either, but my hometown seems to be surrounded with characters.


    1. You’re welcome, Ly! I hope you didn’t mind. I thought it was great, you losing your mind, and had to share it! Your town sounds inviting! That is, if you like zombies and vampires! I bet it’s never a dull moment.


  6. Nice song. I’ve never heard it before. I’ve never seen Walking Dead either (I’m pretty out of things in general, I think) although nothing wrong with being behind. I watched Lost years after it finished and I was paranoid I would hear spoilers about the ending. Happy watching! Don’t let the zombies get you~


    1. Thanks, David. So far, I’m liking The Walking Dead quite a bit. It’s addictive. I’m already into season 2. I’ll be caught up in no time! I think you would really like it. You’ll have to check it out.


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