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Winter ends March 21st, so we now have less than a month left before spring. While lately I see flowers blooming all around me, I can still feel winter in the air. That’s winter in California. It’s very rare for snow to fall on the ground here unless you’re in the mountains. The last time it snowed at my house was about nine years ago. I know, you’re thinking poor baby.

Look, we already have pink trees. I know you may find this hard to believe, but I’m not ready for the pink trees yet. Every year, they come so fast and turn to red leaves before I have time to take a picture. At least, I got one this year.

pink treesIn the meantime, I can appreciate a crisp day with gray skies; a day that encourages walking, thinking, pondering and reflecting.

Sandee captures the mood beautifully in her post, Gothic Days.  Enjoy your last days of winter. Perhaps, you’ll want to take a walk.

34 thoughts on “Post of the Week – 1800ukillme

  1. Aw thanks for the shout out BF! I really appreciate it. And I love the picture of those trees. Glad you were able to catch them this time. You are too kind! See ya latah!


  2. Sandee’s piece was really well written, really captured the atmosphere. For me though, I can’t agree with that opinion the weather, and I also really did think “poor you” about no snow. I love snow and I love hot sunny days with blue skies. It’s the in-betweeny gray days I don’t like. It’s good to know that all weathers are appreciated by some people though!


    1. Thanks, Vanessa. I know, I know…I’ll probably hear it about that. Poor me, too much sunshine. It’s just it gets old, or that I take it for granted. I like those days when I feel and see the storm a brewing. I think it’s exciting. I’m sure if I were surrounded by snow, I would think otherwise about all the sun.


      1. No no, I wasn’t being sarcastic, I really meant “poor you” because I really do love the snow. As much as I long to live in much warmer climate because I love sunshine, I would really miss the snow. We don’t get vast amounts here, but just a few days of a white wonderland makes me gleeful!


      2. Oh, really…okay! It would have been fine if you were. Some people do love the snow. I enjoyed it when I lived in Colorado. The sky seemed to turn pinkish…pink seems to be a theme.


    1. Shakti,
      This is a good question. I guess because you know the future is there out in front of you, you sometimes forget you are in the present. That said, I don’t take the present for granted.


  3. I love the light in this, Amy – and the great bands of color – those pink blossoms against the blue sky are too nice! And I’m kind of jealous of your subject matter, to. And by ‘kind-of’ I mean ‘totally’. Our trees are looking a bit more snow-covered-ish at the moment. 🙂


    1. I know…I would probably want the pink blossoms too, if I were you. Well, at least I provided a picture for you then. 🙂 I’m glad you like the light. I’ll admit I usually don’t pay too much attention to these types of things, Robert. I just hope for the best.


  4. Those are gorgeous trees. Looks like spring is well on its way there. It’s practically spring here, although nothing has budded yet. It never gets below freezing anymore and it hasn’t snowed in a long time. Enjoy the nice weather. Looks like a great place for a walk!


  5. I noticed yesterday that we have pink trees here in San Antonio–and we have a freeze warning out for the weekend. Rats. We go from 80F days to 30F nights in 24 hours. It’s just bizarre. You don’t know how you’re supposed to dress.


  6. Amy, it is still winter where I am. I’ll be glad when I see some signs of
    Spring! I’ve got some catching up to do so I’ll check out Sandee’s post — she always has a way of inviting a reader into her space in such a way you feel you’re right there.


    1. Brigitte, that’s a most beautiful way to put it. Sandee makes you feel like you’re right there…I coualdn’t have said it better. She makes you feel like you took that walk with her. I hope you’re doing well, Brigitte. I’ve been thinking about you.


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