Special Collections – Friday Fictioneers – 03/08/13

It’s time for Friday Fictioneers. Thank you to Rochelle Wisoff-Fields for hosting this adventurous group of writers. This week’s gorgeous photo was provided by Jennifer Pendergast.

This photo inspired a supernatural element today. This feels more like a middle of beginning of a story, so I’m not sure how to categorize it. Join me at the museum.

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Genre: Mystery/Sci-Fi

Copyright – Jennifer Pendergast

Special Collections (101)

Nick limped up the stairs and leaned on the railing. His insides threatened to hurl, his body dripping with sweat underneath his sweater. He noticed a trail of blood, but from where he did not know.

“I can’t. I don’t want to,” he said, looking at Maureen who was gallantly curving around the staircase.

His words crushed her. “Don’t you hear the party? We’re missing it. I need this. We need this.” She didn’t wait for a response.

There was silence at the top, and no sign of any party nor of Maureen. He only saw a door with a padlock.

75 thoughts on “Special Collections – Friday Fictioneers – 03/08/13

      1. Yes, but I admit I also feel sad for Nick. In my mind he will be looking for her, never knowing. It’s the never knowing that keeps me on the edge.


  1. I feel so sad for Nick. Sounds like he’s being locked up in a mental facility. That’s a special collection, for sure.


    1. Thanks, Bill. I’m glad it had that feeling. I would say, no, she was not in it. My thought was she was being pulled toward this, while he was feeling the opposite feeling and trying to resist it, and not feeling right about it.


  2. Hmm, so many questions – why is Nick in such a state before he reaches the party? Where’s Maureen gone? What’s behind the door? Really enjoyed this and hoping you give us some more.


  3. So I’m thinking Nick’s on the market now. “Looking for a girl who doesn’t like to party.”

    Loved the story (and also the image which served as its catalyst or inspiration). I think it can be a lot more challenging to write an interesting piece with a limited number of words, but you’ve done admirably. You’ve created enough plot elements that an imaginative reader can “fill in” the rest of the story for himself/herself, which can take it anywhere.


    1. Thank you, Smak. I appreciate it. I do the like the structure of this exercise. You never know where it will take you. I hope my story took you somewhere interesting…as I could be “filling in” quite a lot here. Thanks for reading.


  4. The suspense, Amy! I’m SO curious! Which must mean this is totally working! I’ll probably start sweating the next time I come across a spiral staircase (before I’ve even fallen down the thing)!


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