The Sublime Resumes

Yesterday on her blog, La La posted about sublime moments. La La said it’s when “everything blends perfectly and I am keenly aware that my soul, heart and brain are exactly where we all need to be. Do you know what I mean?”

Yes, La La, I do know. I see it in the trees.

First, it was the pink ones.

Pink trees line the street

Next, the smelly, white ones.

White Trees

But then, the blue trees…Sublime.

Blue Trees

And if that isn’t enough, how about a walk on the Rainbow Bridge? I mean, have you ever walked on a bridge called the Rainbow Bridge? Have ya, huh? Sublime. It’s a foot bridge for pedestrians and bikes. How could it not be? (Correction: This is actually called the Historic Truss Bridge).

Rainbow BridgeA bonus sublime would be if I saw the headless lizard on my walk on the Rainbow Bridge. It would be an extra-special bonus if while walking on the Rainbow Bridge and spotting the headless lizard, I was wearing a light-up necklace.


Here’s the Rainbow Bridge. No matter! All of it is sublime.


But how is this for sublime? My six-year-old was rubbing my back…oohh…it gets better. He says to me, “Your skin is as soft as the rock of a river.”

Sublime Magic.

Thanks, La La. You inspire.

56 thoughts on “The Sublime Resumes

  1. Beautiful pics! Your skin is as soft as a rock of a river has now inspired me right on back. Also, that headless lizard is crazy. As always, I love your writing and thanks for the mention!


  2. We have a rainbow bridge here in Indianapolis. It’s a concrete bridge. Here’s a photo.

    Rainbow bridge

    Both of the bridges in your post are beauties!


  3. That’s a lot of sublimes for one day, especially the last one!! We don’t build bridges for beauty anymore–just utility. Love that last picture.


  4. Your writing is sublime this morning and the pictures a welcome bit of sunshine as we are experiencing an ice and snow day. Blahhh. Thanks for the smile Amy– as always, you’ve brightened my day. PS– kids really are the best, right?


      1. on the bright side– NO WORK –snow day for Mom, Dad and the teen. Yay!
        They are magically delicious indeed —


  5. I can’t tell you how many times I have crossed over the “Rainbow Bridge”. We have a bridge that crosses from Niagara Falls, ON (Canada) to Niagara Falls, NY (USA). The name is because of the rainbows you can see coming of the waterfalls as you cross the bridge. It is a way of life for locals to cross that bridge. The only way I can see to show you a picture is to point you to this post that has1 picture of it in it


    1. Michelle, I love that post! That was your Freshly Pressed. I remember it well. That’s quite a bridge, all right. It must be a beautiful sight to see with rainbows over it. I’m learning that there are other Rainbow Bridges out there! Thanks for sharing that with me.


  6. What a joy to read and view Amy!! I am reading this before I go to work, and it really puts me in a good place. Thank you.


  7. These photos are great. I am eagerly awaiting our pink and white blossoming trees to do their magic, but it’s going to be in the 30s all week. But I know it will happen soon. And that will be sublime. πŸ™‚


    1. Well Vanessa, they are simply sublime….

      Seriously, I don’t know what to make of them. That’s downtown Sacramento. As soon as I saw them, I snapped a photo. Now, I’ll have to do some research. I wonder, too.


      1. Ha!! Wow!! Thanks, Vanessa. We ARE the tree city, maybe that’s why I’m always so fascinated by trees. That’s exactly where I was (as stated in article) – by the Convention Center. Thank you so much for that, Vanessa. You rock! It is a cool project.


  8. Amy, this is a sublime post. The pics are great, the headless lizard kind of scared me but what your six-year-old said — kids see things as they truly are without reservation or filters, THAT was most likely the most sublime moment of the day.


      1. What to know something funny, Smak…I’ve realized that’s not really the Rainbow Bridge. The big bridge is the Rainbow Bridge. I updated my post. Oh well!! A small bumble…I knew it was around there somewhere!


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