Black Box Warnings – Addiction: A Family Affair

I am guest posting today at Black Box Warnings talking about my brother’s addiction to crystal meth. Please join me. Thanks.

Addiction: A Family Affair

24 thoughts on “Black Box Warnings – Addiction: A Family Affair

  1. Thank you and Tom for sharing. What an unbelievably tough trip! Congratulations on the year, Tom — it’s both a long and a short time. Hopefully it will get ever easier down the road.


  2. Amy, what a powerful story of hope and redemption. Wishing your brother Tom a HUGE congratulations on his one year of sobriety. It’s never too late to start living!


  3. Amy, wow. Read it — powerful, moving and so brave of you and your brother to tell your story. This will help someone and that’s, at least for me, what the blogging community is about.


  4. This is an amazing story, Amy. It just goes to show that there really is a light at the end of that horrific addiction tunnel! (btw – I am also the fifth of six kids, with two brothers and three sisters)…


  5. Wow. What a story. I didn’t think it was going to have a happy ending as I was reading. It takes an incredibly strong human to break an addiction of that magnitude, which seems contrary to their perceived character while using. I think people dealing with addictions are usually seen as weak, but I don’t ever see it like that. I see addiction as an absence of something within that person, but also a deep desire for that person to attain it. Congratulations to your bro. That’s gotta be an enormous weight off the family. I wish you all continued success in remaining a happy, healthy unit.


    1. Thanks, Adam. I think you’re absolutely right in that it takes a strong person, not a weak one, to get over such a powerful addiction. You think there is something missing, something that needs fulfilling to turn to drugs or be addicted to them. That was probably true for my brother. It is an enormous weight off, but I still don’t take it for granted. I believe his battle will be a lifelong one. He’s a good path now, and doing great. Thanks for you kind thoughts!


    1. How are thoughtful of you to recall another post…right? That’s actually another brother. In any case, writing this post with Tom was therapeutic for me, and maybe for him too. I appreciate the thought 🙂


      1. Well they’re both lucky to have you for a sis. Hope things look up for your other bro–keeping you all in my thoughts. xoxo


  6. To tell you the truth I was dragging my feet a bit in commenting today, Amy. I read your guest-post earlier today, and I was hoping I would be able to come-up with something much more elegant to say – a piece like that is so deserving of one. But, needless to say (even after thinking it over for some time), I’m still tripping over my words. Please know, though, that I am wishing your brother (and whole family) continued success in battling through this. I know it will never be easy, but Tom has made some truly remarkable progress… it’s wonderful… for him, for your family, and for all the people whose lives he will be able to touch with his message…


    1. Robert, it’s okay. You don’t need to be elegant with me. Your heartfelt message says it all. I know it’s a pretty heavy post to lay on people, and I certainly appreciate that you took time to think it over. Everything seems to be pretty heavy lately. But, this post was therapeutic to write and the fact that it coincided with his anniversary was a nice surprise. That wasn’t even planned! Also, I can write this knowing that there is a happy ending here, although I believe my brother may always be battling this. I hope he can inspire others to not give up. That’s what it’s all about. I am so very proud of him. Thanks for your thoughtful comments. 🙂


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