Post of the Week – Moments with Millie

I’m always inspired by Moments with Millie. This moment with Millie reminded me of a scene straight out of a book or a movie.

Have you ever left a letter for someone, but was caught leaving it? The person then grills you about what you wrote in the letter, and you’re thinking…no, I wrote this to be read, not discussed…just read it why don’t you?

Millie’s post is about a human exchange between two strangers. While is might be easier to run and hide in such a situation, Millie acknowledges the recipient of her note. This takes courage. An exchange with an unknown person can be daunting, threatening even, and the conversation unpredictable. But it can also be a wonderful, insightful exchange, which you would not experience unless you take the chance.

Thanks for taking the chance and for sharing it with us, Millie. And another Happy Birthday hug, young lady! Read about her exchange here in I Got Caught.

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