Post of the Week – Shalavee

The bond between a mother and her newborn is magical. There’s nothing quite like it. Having a newborn is hard, of course, being sleep deprived and on call 24/7. It is also a special time that’s so fleeting. We have to remind ourselves to savor every precious moment.

Reading Shalagh’s post brought it all back to me. Shalagh captures the joy of breastfeeding her child, breathing in her child’s smells, sounds, and movements beautifully in her poem to her daughter Fiona, who is now and a month a week. I remember marveling at my babies’ hands. I was just kind of awestruck by them.

Thank you for sharing this Shalagh. Enjoy this celebration of her little bundle of joy in Fiona’s Butterfly Hands.

12 thoughts on “Post of the Week – Shalavee

  1. Oh wow! That brings back so many memories. Her images are so perfect. I remember all of it. It’s such a precious private time between a mother and her sweet baby. Thanks, Amy. This was wonderful.


  2. Thanks again Amy for your recognition. She makes me more creative in so many ways. Also dead tired is finally applicable. And , funny, La La is what we called Eamon and now Fiona when hungry because that’s what the cry sounds like. Love ya’ much Dear Amy, Your friend Shalagh.


    1. You’re welcome, Shalagh. I can imagine how tired you must be. I’m so impressed you’re posting and everything, and then to come up with such beautiful words for your daughter. I really admire you. I never could have done that when I had a newborn! Love ya, too. Amy


      1. Not with my first baby. My brains were way too scrambled. There’s more clarity in your forties. However, after that bootcamp writing month you did, you said now you knew you could write at any time with any chaos going on around you. I can agree with that.


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