New Music Find – Rachel Zeffira

Last week amongst all the upsetting news, I heard the music of Canadian artist Rachel Zeffira. Her ethereal, celestial voice lifted my spirits.

She is a classically trained opera singer and multi-instrumentalist. On her debut solo album The Deserters, she not only sings, but plays the piano, synthesizers, vibraphone, cathedral organ, violin, viola, oboe and English horn.

She is also part of a two-piece duo called Cat’s Eyes, (Faris Badwan is front man for the other half, The Horrors).

Her music is listed in the following categories: dream pop, indie, alternative, female vocalist, and Canadian. Without a doubt, she is dreamy and an amazing talent.

Her story on NPR can be found here, including a few snippets.

Below are a few videos. Enjoy!

26 thoughts on “New Music Find – Rachel Zeffira

  1. Amy, I’ve not heard of this artist/musician. She has a beautiful voice — thank you for introducing her. We could all use some soothing sounds, especially after all of last week’s upsetting events and especially those who have been directly impacted by them. Hope you and yours have a lovely and blessed day!!


  2. Thanks so much for bringing this wonderful artist to my attention. I’m always looking for what I call “Sunday music.” Just something soothing and calming. I’m going to get her CD. Beautiful!


    1. Great, Carrie! I think she’s perfect for a lazy Sunday. So far, mine has not been lazy enough! I’m glad I could introduce you to someone new. I’m always looking for new music and inspiration.


  3. I love all three, but the first one has lyrics that speak to my current situation and mood. Her voice is soothing and haunting in its quality. Love it. I’ve been introduced to so much cool music lately coming out of Canada. It’s nice to cross the border when the music is so great. It makes me feel like a special coolster to know about it. Thanks, Amy. I’m gonna be down loading tonight!


    1. Cool, Lisa! I’m glad you enjoyed it. I always like to share things that inspire me. The first one has definitely grown on me. I’ll have to watch for more music out of Canada. I’ll keep my ears peeled. New music is always exciting!


  4. Is that all? (That was a crude attempt at sarcasm, of course… I mean… wow!)
    I hate to brag about my musical talents, but I have been known to play a mean CD.
    When I manage to remember the shiny side goes down.


    1. That’s about all I can do too, Robert. And lately, I don’t even do that. I just a push a button on my computer or my iPod. It’s been ages since I’ve played a CD. I have them all sitting in my cupboard…it took years to collect them all, too. But then, there’s always new music. I found her to be very soothing. 🙂


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