Post of the Week – Vanessa-Jane Chapman

Vanessa-Jane Chapman, I’ll put this as simply as I can. You have inspired me with your Not So Inspirational Quotes post. I’m not sure exactly what it is….I, uh, can’t quite put my finger on it. Oh, I know. It’s the quote thingys, those things that are sucking up the last of my brain cells

Dear readers, do you remember when you had tucked inside your little memory bank at least 30 phone numbers? That’s right. I could rattle off a phone number in an instant. The Millennials out there don’t even know what I’m talking about, am I right?

Enough of that for now, how’s your kitty today? Because this is important, too. Mine is scowling at me. Oh, and she’s eating some more. Yours is sleeping with you while you watch T.V. Splendid! Who doesn’t like cats? I mean you can never look at too many. (I’m actually a big cat lover.)

You don’t have a cat you say? Why not read a quote instead? It will make you positively glow inside. No? You’re looking a little sick. Would you like to throw up?  Try this one…

Your heart is the gift of life and a candle lights our journey in friendship, as we celebrate yesterday, tomorrow, and today with happiness and love.

Cue sunset.

Vanessa, how did I do? That was slightly invigorating.

Just read Vanessa’s post. She’s the one with talent. Oh, and she has a bucket for you if you should need one.

Not So Inspirational Quotes

33 thoughts on “Post of the Week – Vanessa-Jane Chapman

      1. Just wanted to tell you, I don’t know how long I’ve been following your blog Amy but I was certain it was called ‘The Bumble Flies’, like a bumble bee flying – I guess I must have read it wrong the first time and then it just stuck. Then yesterday when I was showing my man how you had made my post your post of the week I said “This blog here, The Bumble…oh, Files not Flies!” Ha! There’s a lesson there for me somewhere…


      2. That’s hilarious!! No, it’s really just a silly name is all. Lately, I’ve been getting searches for “Boob Files,” which I considered changing my blog to….Hahaha!


  1. Oh, yes, that was a great post, and it appears that you have a gift as a quote-maker as well. Or perhaps you could make cards for Hallmark. Cards with cute little kittens. I don’t think they have enough of those. 😉


    1. Mary, I love My Cat From Hell on Animal Planet! Did you see the one where that woman was a healer and she did not kind of energy healing for Pump, that was the cat’s name? Loved that one. Hahaha! Shasta Daisy is always scowling…


      1. I haven’t seen that one! I LOVE that show too. Especially the guy who helps train the cats. He’s covered in tattoos and has this freaky goatee, yet possesses this “Mr. Rogers” aura. I love him. And those cats. Holy heck. Speaking of possessed.

        I would have loved to see the healer lady with the evil cat.


      2. Isn’t that show AWESOME?! Yes, yes…that guy! He’s bizarre in a good, comforting way…somehow. And, he knows his cats. In this episode, Pump (the cat) would interrupt this woman’s healing sessions by meowing and wandering through the room. She did a healing session on the cat, and Pump LOVED it!!! Oh! You have to see it. The compromise was that the cat would be part of her sessions and to accomplish this the cat got a leather chair where he could sit and watch, and NOT get cat fur all over her room. I hope you can see it sometime!


      3. She used sound vibrations?? She would lay her hand above his body and feel his blocks, his vibrations. Not sure! It was wild. The cat just melted from the whole experience.


  2. That was really funny! I love your quote Amy, Hallmark would pay big bucks. Maybe I’ll even include it in a weekend post. 😀


  3. I’ve always found folks who could write inspirational thins… um… inspirational!
    If I had tried the cat theme, for example, I’d still be stuck on what came after ‘hair-ball’. Needless to say it wouldn’t have had nearly the same ring to it.
    *cough cough cough*
    Oh, excuse me!


    1. I think a new line of cards should be kitties saying inspirational things….They already say funny things. Anyway, if I can do this, you can. Vanessa has the formula! Sorry about that hair ball!


  4. Your quote was very barf inducing. Well done! I hate sappy cards. I ALWAYS get a funny and / or insulting card for people if at all possible. I will promptly go and see this Vanessa. Oh, and Bumble, you are the wind beneath my wings. 😀


    1. Oh Alice…you made my day. What a breath of fresh air you are. I’m glad I could make you sick. You’re welcome! I prefer the funny and insulting myself. You can insult me anytime you like, because I know you’ll do it with love. 🙂


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