Book Club Stalker – Friday Fictioneers – 04/26/13

It’s time for Friday Fictioneers. As always, thanks to Rochelle Wisoff-Fields for leading this group.

I just love bookstores. I hope they don’t all go away.

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Genre: Humor (100 words)

Copyright – Claire Fuller

Book Club Stalker

The book club gathered weekly, an exclusive female unit, outfitted with painted lips and stiletto heels. They didn’t gather to talk about the latest, popularized drivel. Their eyes darted from their books to scout the room, ready to pounce on the last available intelligent males on the planet.

Simon peeked through a column of books and watched in horror as they laughed boisterously, obviously disturbing the other patrons. He plopped into a cushy chair near their table, and glared.

Ian, the store owner, tapped him on the shoulder.

“Simon, man. These are paying customers. You’re scaring them.”

“Me?” Simon gasped.

78 thoughts on “Book Club Stalker – Friday Fictioneers – 04/26/13

  1. I just got goosebumps, Amy! You’ve done a wonderful job of describing what seems to be a very intense atmosphere!
    I don’t get nearly as much reading done as I would like, but I really like bookstores… particularly the art section! And (while I know it’s usually not wise to judge a book by its cover) I just like looking at cover design in general… I always thought it would be fun to design them!


    1. Robert, I don’t get nearly as much read as I’d like either!! I’m thrilled I gave you goosebumps. Thank you. If I ever have a book, you can be my designer….I mean if you’d like! 🙂


  2. Book stores attract all types, if you know what I mean? Sometimes I go in to observe. I’m sure Im being observed, too. I would be sad to see book stores fade away.
    Loved this, Amy. No book club would be complete without a stalker. You really captured the right feeling. That atmosphere can be intense.

    Just as a side bar – In one of my screen plays I have a book club and it was really fun to write. It’s a challenge to have characters respond to (made-up) books — the differing opinions and arguments that ensue. ha! Good times. 🙂


    1. Lisa, I hardly ever go to bookstores anymore. The Borders closed here about a year ago, and the nearest bookstore is a bit of a drive. I’m sad about that. It was a nice place to go, hang out. It was the last place open out here in the suburbs.
      That would be tough to talk about made-up books. I applaud you for that! I bet it’s funny! Wasn’t there a movie about a book club? Can’t think of the name….
      Thanks! As always, thanks for reading, Lisa.


    1. Sorry, Jan. I’ve lost my mouse today and it’s really throwing me…what was I saying…I almost called this Stalker Book Club to imply that the book club were the real stalkers, but went this way instead.


  3. Cute twist on the story.
    What day of the month do they meet? I’ll come out of my man cave, and even clean up, to let them check me out. Maybe even bring a few available friends with me. I’ll be the one with Starbucks in on hand and a copy of MAD magazine in the other.


    1. Thanks. Well, they meet on Tuesday afternoons. Can you swing it? I advise a shave and shower before appearing in front of this group! The more, the merrier. I don’t think they’ll approve of MAD, but if you find that special someone who does, you know you’ve found your girl! I, of course, adore MAD!


  4. I echo what others have already said–a very clever arrangement of details. Though I find the women of the book club more fascinating than the stalker. It sounds like they are a bunch of desperate cougars!


    1. Thanks, Anka. Thanks for the read. Yes, desperate…they think they’re being clever, but Simon sees right through them. I didn’t spend too much time on the women. Perhaps, it could be a good premise for a longer story. Maybe he meets someone he likes…or they have a big brawl! 🙂


      1. You definitely have enough material for a longer story. I could see several scenarios playing out. The one about Simon meeting someone he likes would peek my interest! 🙂


  5. Wonderful post, but I just need to know – how is it that you chose not only one, but both of my sons names for this prompt? That, and both their characters fit the personality of each. Eerie!


    1. T,
      I am absolutely spellbound by this!!! You must think I’m stalking you…I swear the only think I know about you is that you go by the name “T,” so….What are the chances? What an incredible coincidence!! And, you say my characters even fit their personalities. Eerie, indeed. Have we met in a former life?! I’m blown away.


      1. I swear if you met them, you would be even further creeped to see the similarities! W

        Hey, we may very well have met in a former life – if so, I would have been the pasty white bald one with a slight slouch. Remember me now? =)


  6. Most of the small, family owned, bookstores have their own regulars just like a coffee shop or a bar. These folks have a tendency to stare at you when you come in if you’re not part of the group. I love the stalker uniform–painted lips and stiletto heels.


  7. It’s interesting how little details like referring to them as “a unit” and having them “scout” the room makes them sound more militant. Sounds pretty intimidating to me too. 🙂 As always, your telling of this is beautiful.


  8. hahaha this was awesome ^^ never occurred to me that the library’s where one could get the ‘last available intelligent males on the planet.’ i could almost see the scene. it was so funny ^^


  9. So this is what it might look like if all the guys were ejected from the book club in the Book Club TV show (yes there was a show, Canadian or British or something).


      1. Correction (my bad): The Book Group, it aired in the U.K., bet. 2002-03, and reran/reruns on Ovation TV (available in the U.S.).  And, of course, some didn’t get into the group to read… there’s adult content.


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