Zygolandia – Friday Fictioneers – 06/07/13

It’s Friday Fictioneers. A big thank you to Rochelle Wisoff-Fields for leading our group. EL, I would have expected such a photo from you! Thanks for the challenge.

You are more than welcome to participate. Follow the blue frog for more stories from today’s prompt.

Genre: Humor/Sci-Fi (99 words)

Copyright โ€“ EL Appleby


“Meet Sahara, a quadruple cross-breed, the first successful replication,” announced the resident scientist.

Spectators flashed their devices and the mammal flared his striped trunk, delivering a gentle trumpeting accented by a faint cooing.

“A pigeon now?” voiced a spectator.

“What do you say to the breaches of security and animals running wild, and to accusations that two fatalities are linked to this…freak of nature,” a voice erupted in the crowd.

“I can assure you, sir, we have taken every precaution.”

Nestled behind trees, Monty, a crocodile/anaconda/shark/mongoose blend observed the scene. With the mongoose gene dominate, Monty adapted to land.

51 thoughts on “Zygolandia – Friday Fictioneers – 06/07/13

  1. Hmm. ‘…we have taken every precaution.’ Now where have we heard that before? What’s the likelihood of Monty going rogue? Great tale.


  2. When teh SyFy channel contacts you for tv movie rights to Sahara vs Monty (probably subtitled with some take-off on Noah’s Ark), please remember us little folks when you accept your Emmy award.

    Great tale! Still laughing.


  3. Ok, I am hearing Jeff Goldblum spouting off about the “Theory of Chaos” in Jurassic Park. Time to shut this place down, just reading about it gave me the creeps. Well done.


  4. Man, I want to see a movie made about this scenario. Like Jurassic Park, but much crazier. ๐Ÿ™‚ That crocodile/anaconda/shark/mongoose of yours sounds like the perfect killing machine.


    1. El, your creature is the star of Zygolandia! Your photo brought a lot of great stories, and many went places I didn’t expect at all…that’s a sign of most excellent prompt! Thanks!


  5. Hmmm – mongeese may strike us as cuter than sharks, but they’re predators too, aren’t they? (And thank you for not giving us a detailed description of which pieces of each ancestor are visible in Monty!) Clever story!


  6. What a cool piece. It’s like a movie snippet. See, this is my favorite stuff to read – I call it a creative sprint. You pack lots of imagery into very little space.

    Give me the year that this happened in your mind:


    1. Thanks, Adam! I like that…creative sprint. That’s a perfect description of the exercise. I try to pack a punch. You should try it! Check out the other FF stories. They’re really amazing!

      The year…I haven’t given that much thought. We could be closer to this than we think. The year 2080. What do you think?


      1. I’m gonna hop on board one of these days. I always see these FF entries around, but it never sticks for some readon. Now that I’m getting into the whole fiction thing, I guess my mindset is different.

        I always go back in time. I like the fifties. Press release with the flashbulb cameras and trenchcoats


      2. FF has really my helped my writing, in general. Writing fiction is whole other mind set for sure. I hope you’ll try it. The prompt always comes out on Wednesdays.

        I could guess that about you liking the fifties. It seems like a long time ago, doesn’t it?


    1. Perhaps something from “Aliens.” I think it would have to be reptilian with a little fur and very sharp teeth, and with good slithering abilities. You know, I hadn’t really given it much thought either. It is disturbing.


    2. Perhaps something from “Aliens.” I think it would have to be reptilian with a little fur and very sharp teeth, and with good slithering abilities. You know, I hadn’t really given it much thought either. It is disturbing.


  7. Hahaha… yikes! Can these things climb trees, Amy?!
    Wait… can I climb a tree?
    Um… never mind.
    (What a cool idea for a story – so creative – I never would have thought of something like this!)


    1. I bet this thing can climb a tree, Robert. After all, it has teh snake’s slithering abilities. Tree climbing…Yeah, never mind. I’m sure you would have thought of something better…well, thank you!


  8. you’ve created a really fascinating (and frightening) world! brilliantly done ๐Ÿ™‚ monty, such a harmless name and yet… ^^


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