In the Words of a Child (June 2013)

This weekend we had temperatures breaking all the records. It was as hot as 111 degrees today. When I walked outside, I felt like I was cooking. At a time like this, it’s even too hot to eat. Kids, it looks like we’re having popsicles for dinner.

It’s been some time since I wrote about my sons (H and S) and what they’ve been saying these days. I thought you would enjoy their words today. I wanted to write these words down before they got lost.

From my ten-year-old:

When I get to college, I’m going to take an English class so I can move to England. (11/24/12)

Me: Why don’t you get up and do it?
H: Because I’m busy relaxing.

It’s easier to live with guests.
(How he refers to “roommates.” I’m sure this will change; 3/22/13)

The teacher had a creepy smile and treated us like kindergarteners. She’d say, “What will we do next?”
(The teacher was a substitute. I thought it was pretty funny, but you might have had to have been there; 5/23/13)

I’m just going to wait until middle school to find the girl of my dreams. Then there will be more options. (He just completed fourth grade. Yikes, it’s time for the talk; 5/30/12)

From my seven-year-old:

I’ll you give three words why I don’t want to go visit Grandma: Skylanders. That’s Sky-lan-ders. (Words, syllables…close enough; 11/24/12)

Me: Is your tummy full?
S: Yeah, except for my thirst tank. (1/13)

And now, a little joke:
Q: What happens when a tide comes over your brain?
A. You get brainwashed.
(“Tide” as in Tide, the laundry detergent. Aw, good one! 4/3/13)

My tooth came out with a swallow. (4/5/13)

My son drank a whole bottle of water in 10 minutes. Actually in less than 10 minutes. Are you going to put that on your blog? I think you should put that on your blog. I think you should write that.
(Yes, he said this whole thing. All right already. Done!; 5/20/13)

I hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend.

39 thoughts on “In the Words of a Child (June 2013)

  1. Amy,
    I love that you wrote these down (and shared them). Kids are so funny!
    I remember hearing something on a “This American Life” story long ago about a kid taking his first trip on an airplane and waiting to get smaller like a plane does from the ground as it flies away. Perspective is definitely an acquired skill.


    1. Red,
      Thank you. It’s pleasure to share them. Kids have a unique perspective.
      That’s hilarious. That reminds me of when I was kid and I thought bands all came to radio station to play music. It hadn’t occurred to me that songs were recorded.


  2. I love all of them and that you and I have created the possibility to revisit these dear memories when they are grown. Oh ! Does that mean I’ll have to keep paying for the hosting for the rest of my life? Rats. Stay on .com Amy. Otherwise your blog is the most expansive journal/picture album ever. Sorry, I digressed. Your kids are really funny just like you.


    1. Thank you, Shalagh. It is really expensive to host? I have never given it much thought. I don’t think too much about the far future either. I know I should put these in real book. Oh, I have soooo many things to put in a book. Don’t get me started.
      My kids make me laugh all the time. Thanks.


    1. My kids were wild about Skylanders. They kind of moved on at the moment, although I hear that Skylanders is coming out with something brand new soon. They always do.

      I loved the video. So funny, Frank, and a definite classic!


    1. That tree is actually from a vacation so we don’t have access to that one. I love that picture. The tree is so huge!! My son will climb anything. Thanks! I treasure these things, because they’re growing up so fast.


      1. when our oldest was about three we were sitting around the table eating applesauce when she took a big heaping spoonful and it all plopped off. She stopped looked at us and said “I never had a problem like that before” — we still use it. As I said… the glue that helps bind us and tell us who we are.


  3. Hahaha… I sure hope my wife doesn’t decide to write down some of the stuff I say… that could get embarrassing… in a hurry! Somehow it’s not as easy to pull-off when you’re over thirty. Although nothing is (it takes me nearly 15 minutes to drink a whole bottle of water now, you know)!


    1. I know. Please DON’T write down what I say…it definitely won’t sound cute and clever. But that’s the beauty of it. They have no idea how it sounds. Sometimes when water is really cold, isn’t it just best thing on earth! I’m going to drink some right now. Maybe I’ll time myself!


  4. These were great excerpts from your kids, Amy! The one about your son insisting you write about him drinking an entire water bottle cracked me up. My seven year old daughter provides me with fodder for my blog as well.
    She’s always asking me to write about things she said or did. Guess our babies really support our craft! 😉


    1. That’s funny, Anka. Mine are always saying things like this too. I’ll take a picture and then they’ll say, “Are you going to put that in your blog?” And they try to give me ideas. They crack me up. Sometimes they have good suggestions. I think they care about what mom writes after all, especially if they make the blog.


    1. I know I only get little bits, but I figure lots of little bits will add up! My blog and my iPhone have been a good place to capture them. I’ve been using the Notes feature on my phone a lot more than I thought I would. Thank you!


      1. Oh, good idea! I’m so lame when it comes to tech ideas. Today I figured out that I could photograph and email some pictures that I needed to send for our exchange student next year, and I could do it all on my phone. I’d been dragging my feet, figuring I’d take the pictures, load them to the computer… see what I mean! Bravo for you. 🙂


  5. The beauty of having kids is that never stop providing you with memorable lines, no matter what age they are. My six do all the time.


    1. So true. I’ve written a few more goodies just in the last couple of days. Whoa!! Six…that would be lots of material, and very difficult to keep track of, I might add. I come for a family of six kids, so I understand big families. I can never imagine having six of my own. Two is enough! Good for you.


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