A Vision In White – Friday Fictioneers – 08/09/13

I did this pretty quickly today. I will read stories as soon as I am able. Thanks for reading. Have a great weekend!

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Literary Fiction: 100 words

copyright-renee-heathCopyright – Renee Heath

A Vision In White

With sagging knees and flesh protruding from the elastic grip around her legs, Giselle trudged along Main Street. Her bosom spilled out of her bodice which now required stitching. She held a needle between her fingers as she entered a shop.

“What about yellow? Would that work?”

“Who doesn’t have white thread?” Fury unsettled Giselle’s piercing gaze.

“Here,” the shopkeeper said, with a white spool in his hand. “Just take it.”

In the front row, Giselle gazed up at her daughter under thick-set, false eyelashes. Between pirouettes, her daughter gasped at her mother trying to do outdo her once again.

39 thoughts on “A Vision In White – Friday Fictioneers – 08/09/13

  1. I laughed at the end of this, mothers! Though spilling bosoms is a vivid image, well done Amy very engaging.


  2. Oh wow, is this a mommy dearest thingy? Well written Amy. I could see an older Rosalind Russell sort of thing going on. Kind of creepy.


      1. I like old movies, the really old ones. Or I am showing my age. Ha! An older Rosalind Russell was the best kind of creepy mother material. An even better one was Joan Crawford. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Either would have made a great stage mom.


  3. I’ve always felt sorry for people who had to deal with “stage parents.” It’s sad when people want to live vicariously through their children. Or, in this case, to outdo their children!


  4. The way she is described in those opening lines, all the way to “just take it!” i a classic, and then there is that feeling of great malaise, the realisation that I am familiar with one or two women like that, who are as you painted, but almost never realised it until your story..Poor daughter. I actually really feel for her.
    Nice ‘new’ gravatar picture.


  5. I feel for this daughter! Can you imagine a mother who actually wears false eyelashes and lets her bosom hang out? Yeah, me neither. But, they really do exist.

    Thanks for the giggles, Amy!


  6. Amy, I just around to reading this after being out of town all weekend. That poor daughter, still having to compete with her mother. It’s funny, my jaw almost dropped open when I started reading this. I’m pretty sure I didn’t tell you, but in my belly-dancing/time travel story that I am writing at your prompting, the belly-dancer’s name is Giselle. (It’s totally finished, by the way; I’m publishing it on Smashwords this week; I’ll send you a copy first though.)


    1. Welcome back, David! No, you didn’t tell me your character was named Giselle. I swear I think it’s a collective consciousness thing going on with this group. This kind of thing has been happening to me lately! That’s so wild! Congrats on completing your story and publishing on Smashwords. I can’s wait to read it!


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