All Because of a Dress – Friday Fictioneers – 09/20/13

It’s time for Friday Fictioneers, hosted by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields. Today’s photo is courtesy of John Nixon. Thanks Rochelle for all your gracious time.

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Genre: General Fiction (100)

Copyright – John Nixon

All Because of A Dress

Every Sunday, George and Trudy scouted thrift stores for knickknacks. George liked the exercise, while Trudy lingered at every store, collecting glass animals.

George suspected trouble when he saw the wedding dress in the window. Trudy beelined for the dress, practically knocking over the woman who held its fabric between her fingers.

“Trudy, you don’t need that. No one we know needs a dress.”

Dejected, Trudy walked away.

Before the woman left, she invited Trudy and George to her wedding.

Later, they doted on the woman’s firstborn, lavishing the child with stuffed animals. No one cared that they were secondhand.

56 thoughts on “All Because of a Dress – Friday Fictioneers – 09/20/13

  1. I feel bad for Trudy. I know she probably didn’t need the dress. But, I have a sneaky suspicion she would’ve found a person to pass it down to. Trudy is full of grace and generosity.


  2. Lovely. What was it about George and Trudy that the woman saw and decided to invite them? If only all relationships could be so natual and positive.


    1. Thank you, Sarah Ann. I’m afraid I couldn’t develop that part. I would guess, Trudy is a genuine, caring person who was looking to fulfill someone’s wishes and wanting to play that role as a doting grandmother. Perhaps, she didn’t have grandkids and this was her chance. Good question!


  3. Hi Amy,
    This story keeps twisting and turning, but ends up in a good place. It’s a feel-good heartwarmer, all sunshine and white lace. At least until the divorce and the dress ends up back at the thrift store. Or Trudy and George call it quits. He seems a little controlling. But maybe all will end well, and happiness will reign supreme. Ron


    1. Oh, Ron…no, no!! Let’s just hope for the best. All goes well with the marriage and Trudy and George die in each others’ arms due to old age. Sure, it’s possible! Ha ha. Your version is probably more likely. Thanks for reading and for your alternative endings.


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