The Gods Are Crazy – Friday Fictioneers – 11/08/13

It’s time for Friday Fictioneers. Thank you to Rochelle Wishoff-Fields for her extraordinary leadership and to Al Forbes for an inspiring prompt.

Genre: Humor (102 words)

Copyright-Al Forbes

The Gods Are Crazy

Lenny launched his usual tirade on campus to a statue he addressed as Dionysus, whom he blamed for his wrongful deeds, migraine headaches and lack of shoes.

His voice carried across the quad, accompanied with maniacal gestures, yelling “Carpe Diem!”

Two police officers dragged Lenny away, his head sagging.

He pulled away from the officers, grabbed my arm, his eyes piercing into mine, “Son, you’re Adonis. Don’t let them push you around.”

I never saw Lenny again after that, and I missed him. What mattered was that his actions were genuine. He wanted to care. After all, he did anoint me Adonis.

65 thoughts on “The Gods Are Crazy – Friday Fictioneers – 11/08/13

  1. Poor Lenny…I feel like Lenny sometimes. I love the opening sentence, really grabs you by the scruff of the neck and pulls you in.


  2. Dear Amy,

    Is this Lenny related to Steinbeck’s? I like him. Not afraid to speak up and out and call things as he sees them. You’ve got me digging through wikipedia, too. gods abound.




  3. I hope Lenny’s OK, and that he found his shoes. There’s always someone else to blame for an excess of alcohol, so why not the god of wine!
    Very enjoyable 🙂


  4. I kind of like Lenny. I need someone to blame for my pain and stupidity, too 🙂 But Lenny really took that concept to a whole new level!!

    Now I think I shall appoint myself to be a goddess, strong and beautiful…Diana? Or Venus?


    1. Dear Rochelle,
      Oh, thank you for letting me share in your musical vibe and moment. Ha, that’s funny! It’s funny how just one name or word can take us to a special place. I appreciate your kind comments. I hope Lenny finds peace, too. Thanks!



  5. Ye Gods! Of course the secret is Lenny must not find peace,as it will stem his creativity. You brought yourself into the story with impeccable timing,starting in 3rd person then 1st in only 100 words. I thought that switch was technically masterful.


    1. Hi Ron,
      Yes, I do know that movie and thought of it when I decided on a title, although my story doesn’t resemble the movie. I thought about a college campus for some reason and then I couldn’t do anything else. Thanks! – Amy


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