Alley of Enchantment – Friday Fictioneers – 11/15/13

It’s time for Friday Fictioneers. I’m piggybacking onto David’s story, because it was so enchanting.

This alleyway looks like it belongs in Europe, where I have never been. Sigh. Someday. I imagine little alleyways like this one.

Rochelle and Janet, I hope you’re having a wonderful visit and maybe even share a memorable culinary experience of your own. Thanks to Kent Bonham for the photo.

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Genre: General (99 words)

copyright – Kent Bonham

Alley of Enchantment

Cradling my waist, he whisked me into the alley. His musky scent mingled with mine while we lingered, his breath on my cheek. I forgot about my aching feet searching for the restaurant with no street name.

“I think I’m hungry,” I said.

“We’re lost. Let’s skip it,” he said, nipping my neck.

Cupping his chin, I whispered, “They say this is the best restaurant in the world.”

He sighed. “It better be.”

In our candlelit corner, we savored a culinary experience that could not be matched. We returned to it in our future visits, pretending to be lost.

55 thoughts on “Alley of Enchantment – Friday Fictioneers – 11/15/13

    1. Jim, what a wonderful compliment. Thank you. I imagine their lost encounters getting more steamy over time. That is spooky story about your bistro and a good premise for a story. It was a special, secret restaurant you found. Or, was it ever there at all?…


      1. Ha – I love it that she signed as Aunt Matilda. We had a lovely time in Branson Friday night. I’m sure you’ll see the picture soon. There were 8 Fictioneers there.
        – signed Count Monte Crisco de Pillsbury


    1. Weebs, I would LOVE to go. I’m sure that I lived there in a past life. Italy, I think. I was monk who made wine. I wish, I wish. Hopefully, not before I’m too old to enjoy it. Thanks for reading!


  1. You showed two different types of hunger and in doing so, showed two different types of characters. And with dialogue. Obviously, their contrasting ‘hungers’ were compatible and they lived hungrily ever after. 🙂


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