Adorned – Friday Fictioneers – 11/22/13

Thanks to Rochelle Wisoff-Fields for hosting this wonderful group and to Sean Fallon for the photo.

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Genre: General Fiction (100 words)

Copyright - Sean FallonCopyright – Sean Fallon


The statue arrived in pieces, sender unknown.

“I don’t want it,” said Professor Benton, standing in his underwear.

“It’s on the docket. I need a signature.”

“Take it away,” said Benton, punching the delivery man.

Without a signature, the delivery man escaped, dripping a path of blood.

Neighbors reattached the statue, decorating him with Christmas lights until he appeared in Eleanor’s third-floor apartment. Some theorized that Eleanor, at 93 years old, needed his company. Others claim she was the original sender. No one doubts that the statue, blinking and glowing in the window, became the centerpiece for Eleanor’s lively social calendar.

56 thoughts on “Adorned – Friday Fictioneers – 11/22/13

    1. Oh, Rochelle! I loved that article. That’s hilarious. Pictures are amazing. I laughed at the part that said Cynthia fell apart easily. Poor Cynthia. I hadn’t heard of that story. Thanks for bringing it to my attention.

      I’m glad you enjoyed my story. Thank you.



  1. Oh, I love it. From the portrait of the nasty professor to the good wishes of the neighbours, who rescued it and assembled the mannequin for Eleanor, this was a wonderfully rich little offering you have given us this week!


    1. Brigitte, thank you! What a nice compliment coming from you since I so admire your writing. You ought to try this prompt. It’s really fun and it’s a great group of wonderful writers! It comes out every Wednesday.


  2. Hi Amy,
    Hope you didn’t strain your imagination with this one, because it’s wildly imaginative, to the nth dimension of inventiveness. And I think, from the ones I’ve read, you are the first to break into the Christmas genre. Ron


    1. Hi Ron,
      Amazingly, no, I did NOT strain with this. It took off in this wild way. This, after deciding not to go the more serious path. That story could not take shape. And the Christmas lights I’m sure have everything to do with their every merry presence already! That too, was spontaneous. Thank you for your very nice compliments! – Amy


      1. I think of it more as a comedic kind of thing, as opposed to being really violent. We’re talking about the mad professor! There had to be enough of a reason why the driver just drove off! It had to leave it without a signature, mind you. It’s not so much about violence as it is about plot. Thanks for asking though.


    1. Thanks, David. As I mentioned to La La, I think of it as the mad professor lashing out and it being a moment of comedy. There had to be a strong enough reason for the driver to leave without a signature. There are many loose ends I could fill, but I don’t think I’m planning on a Part 2 at the moment.


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