To Shoe or Not to Shoe? – Friday Fictioneers – 12/13/13

It’s time for the Friday Fictioneers, hosted by our wonderful host, Queen Rochelle Wisoff-Fields. Thanks to Adam Ickes for the photo.

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Genre: General Fiction (100 words)

Copyright – Adam Ickes

To Shoe or Not to Shoe?

Animals don’t wear shoes, mom. Why do we?

We wear them to keep warm and to protect our feet.

Animals don’t need protection.

They have fur and pads.

Why don’t we have pads?

Where are your shoes?

Get your shoes on. You’re not ready to go out the door until your shoes are on your feet.

Whose shoes are these?

They’re just sitting here. Abandoned. Forgotten. Too snug?

Look for the child with no shoes and you’ll see my child. He will be running free on grass pillows, cushioning his feet, and laughing…laughing at the rest of us, wearing shoes.

59 thoughts on “To Shoe or Not to Shoe? – Friday Fictioneers – 12/13/13

  1. I can relate to that…I’m in my stocking feet right now! But I’m too averse to pain to wander around in my bare feet πŸ™‚

    Nice story about the freedom of childhood–something we all lose with age and worry.


  2. I was that way when I was a kid, when I got home from school the first thing that came off were the shoes! I still hate shoes, but can’t go barefoot anymore. Great story Amy.


    1. My kids do the same thing, Jackie. They toss them off and then their socks and leave them wherever! They can’t wait to take them off! I’m sorry to hear you can’t go barefoot. I hope you can at least wear slippers. Thanks, Jackie.


    1. Thanks, Michelle. I don’t know why. Probably something to do with silly responsibilities. Seeing a child running around barefoot always makes me smile, provided the ground is soft and free of sharp objects!


  3. Love this one, Amy! It is joyful, authentic and reminds me of my children when they were young. What more can I say? It is truly wonderful!

    (BTW: you are the one that brought me to FF… thanks again! And you told me that by Sat. fewer people read the posts… for the record, I will always find yours. Whenever you post it. πŸ˜‰ )


    1. Why thank you so much, Dawn. Thanks for your kind words! I didn’t have a lot in me to write this one, so thanks.

      Thanks. And I’m so glad you are doing the FFs. Your stories are always a pleasure for me to read and I look forward to them as well. πŸ™‚


  4. We don’t wear shoes in the house but in Chicago in the winter, we certainly wear them outside. πŸ™‚ Going barefoot can be fun but it depends a lot on where you are. Nice feel of the freedom of childhood here.

    janet, who’s working her way slowly but surely through the stories


    1. Chicago, oh yeah….you need shoes there. Part of this story comes because I am a California girl and people wear shorts during the winter. Although lately, it’s been chilly and I’m wearing my shoes! Thanks!

      I admire you working through the stories. You are so dedicated. I do my best, but I know I miss out on many.


  5. Dear Amy,

    In the summer, after work, the first things that go are my shoes and socks. I drive home barefoot. In the winter the shoes go as soon as a walk in the door. Loved your story. Hope the child doesn’t outgrow that free spirit.




    1. Dear Rochelle,
      During the summer, I take off the shoes as much as possible, too. I can just picture you driving home barefoot now. Ha! That’s perfect. I never wear shoes in the house either. If I do, I’m probably feeling uptight. Thank you. If only we all could keep the barefoot spirit alive. It’s something to strive for.


  6. I’m late to the party, Amy, but I loved this! I still don’t wear shoes whenever possible. Even at work, I take my shoes off! (But then again, I’m a bodyworker, I’m more grounded without shoes and I work for myself, so nobody can tell me I have to!)


    1. Thanks, Cathy! I can totally get this. I sense that a bodyworker needs to feel the floor much like a dancer. I think it would be like your instrument for feeling energy and being rooted in a kind of organic way. I love that you do it barefoot. I’m sure it’s the best way!


  7. You capture the joys and free spiritedness of youth very well. I smiled the whole way through. Grass between our toes and cool earth on our soles(souls) feels good.


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