Tell It to the Dolphin – Friday Fictioneers – 12/20/13

It’s time for Friday Fictioneers! Thanks to Rochelle Wisoff-Fields and to Jean L. Hays for the photo.

Click HERE for more stories from the Fictioneers. Wishing everyone Happy Holidays!

Genre: General (99 words)

Copyright- Jean L. Hays
Tell It to the Dolphin
We get our stragglers but usually it’s a romantic rendezvous. Most seem to accept the accommodations as adequate at the Dolphin Inn so long as they mind themselves; the staff attentive but aloof.
The crew here is mostly made up of vagabonds, trying to hide, escape, or start again. Harlon never asks why or where from; he has seen the depths of despair too many times to count. He opens his door and has a drink of tea to discuss your labor. The rest, you can tell it to the Dolphin.
 No one asks what that Dolphin has heard. 

53 thoughts on “Tell It to the Dolphin – Friday Fictioneers – 12/20/13

  1. A very nicely told story my sweet friend, I guess like so many other hotels and similar establishments the secrets within are kept rather well, sometimes romantic and of course all the extra naughty ones too 🙂

    Have a lovely rest of evening Amy 🙂

    Andro xxxx


  2. I like the vagabonds.I’m confused by the labor. And yes Mr. Miller, you too can have flakes. WordPress offered me the option and I took it. But the flakes looks much better on Amy, um Amanda, um Bumble’s site.
    Love Ya’,


  3. What a great story. You’ve set up quite an intriguing scenario with the Dolphin Inn, and I can just see people looking out into the night, their faces pressed to the door, whispering secrets to the dolphin, who always listens and never speaks. 🙂


  4. How lovely! I like the idea of speaking to the Dolphin, telling it your secrets. I also love the idea that we are all vagabonds in one way or another.


  5. If walls could hear, see and talk, eh? Well, I think they can and one day we’ll have the technology to extract it all! Bad news for some of the guests at the Dolphin Inn. Good story. You made Dolphin Inn quite a character in it/him/herself I think. 🙂


      1. My ideas are all stolen. As Picasso said: Good artists copy, great artists steal. 🙂 I can say that without the appearance of vanity, because, on close inspection, what he said was completely nonsensical! Happy Christmas! 🙂


  6. I like the mysterious backgrounds of the visitors/staff. No one to pry, because everyone has secrets of their own! Also like the portrayal of the dolphin as the secret-keeper….


  7. i actually found this to be a heartwarming tale.. a story about acceptance with no questions asked, and of leaving behind horrible pasts for a fresh start. very lovely, amy. happy holidays to you and your family 🙂


  8. The things that dolphin must have heard! I like the idea of people coming in and spilling their secrets to it, unburdening themselves.
    I hope no-one thinks to plant a bug on it!
    Happy holidays to you 🙂


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